Why Delta is good?

  • Jul 09, 2024
Why Delta is good?

From the above details, it can be deduced that Delta is one among the best airlines that are based in the United States of America.

Delta Air Lines is often ranked among the top airlines in the United States and has been considered one of the most reliable ones. Regarding the multiple factors that contributed to the creation of such a brilliant image and customers’ devotion to Delta, several reasons should be mentioned.

Excellent Customer Service

Delta is well known for having some of the richest customer relations in the airlines industry. Delta air lines flight attendants, gate agents, as well as the Delta customer service department will commit to being quickly reactive, understanding, and helpful. They want everyone on that trip to have a good experience even when the flight is delayed or there are other complications.

Some of the Delta airline travelers appreciate the company’s service delivery over other competitor airline companies in the United States. The representatives are mostly courteous to attend to any complaints, offer appropriate compensation if that is warranted and make the tourists feel special all through the trip.

The key strength that can be pointed out at the current state is a rather well-developed route network and flight offerings.

It is operating in more than 52 countries and connects to more than 300 locations around the world. It flies more than 5,400 flights daily across the US and has 183 domestic cities on its network. Business travelers can also find comfort in Delta air services since the company boasts of having the largest route network to offer travelers their desired destination.

And, for the most part, passengers on Delta flights can also opt to choose between the Delta First Class, Delta Comfort+, Delta Main Cabin, and Delta Basic Economy seating services depending on the traveler’s spending power and preferences. People can get tastes of luxury or they can go for cheap options that are as basic as a seat.

Extensive Loyalty Program Perks

SkyMiles of Delta is a comprehensive and successful program as it provides great bonus for every mile. Delta customers can now accrue miles not only on flights but also in other industries such as through the use of Delta credit cards and from businesses affiliated with SkyMiles, which include Lyft and Airbnb. Delta SkyMiles benefits include being able to use the points to upgrade to a higher class or gain entry to Delta Sky Clubs among others.

However, the airline also provides extra rewards in form of services such as Delta Sky Club airport lounges, Medallion Status levels, and partner rewards. Together, it explains why many customers are able to become frequent flyers with Delta Airlines.

Newer, well maintained aircrafts Newer, well maintained aircrafts

Instead of using old models in the sky, Delta spends significant capital to lease new planes to replace the old ones. They also have one of the youngest fleets in the industry that includes some of the most technologically advanced aircraft equipped with features such as fast internet connection, electrical outlets, personal screens, and sleek designs. Some of the long haul international planes also facilitate this class including the premium economy section.

Delta sends its planes to the scrap yard after using them for about 20-25 years compared to other airline companies, thus ensuring it has a youthful and comfortable fleet of aircrafts. As some very old planes might have been cramped and rather dreary looking, Delta’s attention to updating aircraft is useful for the traveler.

New products that have been introduced are all those that are aimed at making travelling a little bit easier and a lot more fun.

Some recent Delta innovations that enhance customer satisfaction include:Some recent Delta innovations that enhance customer satisfaction include:

- RFID luggage tracking refers to the use of the RFID electronic tags for the purpose of bag tracking and monitoring in real-time.

- A fast method of checking in bags at airports through self-serve bag drop kiosks

- There are various apps that enable people to virtually take their number in the line when they are at the airport.

- Flight and accommodation/rental car service booking services through website and application.

- An update on the Delta One business class suites

- The additional services that can be noted in this sphere are the possibilities for the extension of in-flight entertainment and Wi-Fi options.

Delta actually invests more heavily in tech improvements, newly introduced services on board and in airports, as well as customer care initiatives as compared to other airlines. All of them intend to minimize or even eliminate inconvenience for travelers by implement innovations.

SANTICITY: A firm commitment to health and cleanliness

While addressing COVID-19 threat, Delta has implemented comprehensive measures on customer and employees health and safety concerns. Another is their “Delta CareStandard” which tackles the cleaning protocols with a combination of intensive disinfection and new technologies such as electrostatic spraying and upgraded air quality filtration systems. Other measures include the wearing of face masks, temperature checks, and changes in the boarding process that also minimise the chance of infection.

It also pays close attention to the disinfection of other areas such as cabin surfaces, water system in aircrafts, restrooms on board and others. They have put measures in place to ensure their passengers’ health and sanitization hence making them among the safest airlines to travel with during this COVID 19 period.

Environmental Sustainability Efforts

In recent years overall for an airline Delta has adopted unusually strong environmental initiatives. They want to become the first carrier in the world to eliminate carbon emissions by using more efficient planes, focusing on the research and development of biofuels, offering carbon-offset programs, and decreasing the number of idle aircraft.

Delta also has a symbiotic relationship with many sustainability organizations and initiatives for climate protection. Of all the large carriers in the United States, they have explicitly confronted environmental accountability more than their counterparts. In that respect, Delta’s commitment would ring a bell for those travellers who are friendly to the environment.

Giving Back to Communities

Delta invests voluntary hours and millions of dollars each year in supporting the communities that their employees inhabit. The focus is on disasters, education, health and human services; arts and culture; and the environment in the targeted countries.

Prior to the pandemic Delta provided 200000 plus pounds of food from the Delta Flight Products to the food banks for the frontline heroes and the needy. This long-term customer orientation and their act of giving back during the better and the worse displays a strong sense of corporate citizenship and makes the consumers feel connected to the airline.

In Conclusion

Delta Air Lines does not set a low bar for its goals, whether it is CSR, customer focus, or operation optimization. Of course, no carrier can be claimed to be perfect, but Delta Airlines certainly do provide a standard of quality, creativity and concern that often shows up in consumer studies, travel size lists and comments from the consumers themselves. For all these reasons, many travelers identify Delta as their preferred airline.