Last chance for fall: here’s where it’s hot in November

  • Jun 24, 2024
Last chance for fall: here’s where it’s hot in November

Particularly if you are in the northern parts of the United States, you probably have already noticed that winter is on the way as November approaches. However, there are still destinations that can offer you bright, warm weather with temperatures that are characteristic for autumn. Here’s a list of top destinations where you can get a final tan at the beach, enjoy the vibrant colors of the autumnal forests or have an artificial autumn in November.

Hawaii, USA

If autumn is not the thing you fancy and you’d prefer to extend summer, Hawaii might be the simplest warm climate spot to visit in November. The Hawaiian Islands enjoy warm weather with average high temperatures ranging from 80 to 90 degrees F all year round due to their geographical location in the Pacific tropical zone. Look forward to clear skies and no rain, comfortable humidity at about 60%, and a water temperature of approximately 25-26°C.

Of course, Waikiki Beach and other famous attractions such as Diamond Head are a big draw but every Hawaiian island has something special about it. This Island has marvelous scenes of volcanic terrains and waterfalls perfect for trailblazing. Get a close look at sea turtles while snorkeling in Maui. Watch those humpback whales that start their migration to Hawaii for the winter. We used to sunbathe on some of the less crowded beaches such as Kauai or Lanai. That really depends on where you live and how you define a long weekend, but if you can get a direct flight, Hawaii is a possible long weekend if you don’t have more than 72-96 hours.

Cancun/Riviera Maya, Mexico

On the eastern coast of Mexico, the region of Yucatan specifically Cancun, and the places of the Mexican Caribbean called Riviera Maya are famous resorts that have been traditionally associated with spring break vacations. It may not be as bright as in June, but the white sand beaches looking out over the Caribbean Sea are just as stunning in November. The average high temperature stands at 87°F, with relatively little cloud cover and minimal precipitation or thunderstorms.

Besides, the ability to have fun on all-inclusive, active tourists can visit Chichen Itza and Tulum, for example. The offshore coral reefs and underwater caves that surround this region are perfectly suitable for scuba diving and snorkeling. And the active nightlife can provide one with discos and dance halls, mariachi being one of the most popular. Although the summer can be hot and humid in Mexico, there is no reason to avoid it because the high tourist season is over after August, and during November one should think about visiting Cancun or beach cities like Playa del Carmen or Tulum. Flights with no layovers can be arranged from a number of leading airports throughout the United States of America.

Costa Rica

Wholly justified, Central American Costa Rica proudly claims its title as the adventure and nature tourist destination of choice. Located between two seas, the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, it has a tropical climate that is rather warm throughout the year. For the month of November, prepare for the weather to be in the range of 75-90 F. The tropical forests, mountains of volcanic origin, and the sea gives this pretty, environmentally friendly country a feeling of vitality in the autumn.

There are different attractions that tourists will visit, such as Arenal Volcano National Park and Manuel Antonio National Park. Even more offbeat locations such as Monteverde Cloud Forest or Tortuguero National Park provide the same opportunities to see wildlife, without the accompanying crowds. Wildlife sightings vary from monkeys and sloths during the canopy zip-lining tour or the nesting sea turtles on the Caribbean coastline. Costa Rica works for long fall weekend getaways particularly now that there are new direct flights from most U.S. hubs.

Cape Town, South Africa

While North America gets ready for winter in November, and the tourists might feel out of place with their summer clothes, Cape Town has springs weather. Cape Town, the ‘Mother City of South Africa ‘has averagely high temperatures of around 22° Celsius and about 7-9 sunshine hours that will enable one to tour the beautiful territories.

There are those who can go out for a walk or cycle among the flowers in the Table Mountain National Park. People may decide to paraglide in order to get stunning photo opportunities or to experience the moment when they come face to face with breaching Great White Sharks. There are various wine farms nearby that serve delectable South African wines and it would be a shame not to taste some while in Cape Town. There are also other attractions, which are an endless beach, a new and slowly developing food scene, and the colorful Bo-Kaap neighborhood. Better airlift has made some destinations easily accessible and now, for instance, Cape Town is just a one-connection flight from most major US gateways.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

While the leaves of trees turn colors and fall across the northern parts of America, the flower buds of spring have only begun to bloom in Buenos Aires. November in BA is summer, and this great passionate city has average high temperatures of 75°F; it may get nippy at night, so pack a light jacket. The citizens of the country enjoy the good weather, the warm temperature, and the vast number of cafes during this favorable time of the year.

Some of the most astonishing buildings are observed in the neighborhoods of Palermo, Recoleta, and San Telmo with some of the buildings reflecting European style; however, some of the buildings depict the rough side of Buenos Aires through graffiti art.
The picturesque narrow lane called Caminito is in the La Boca district. Of course, you should not leave Argentina without experiencing their famous steak houses and the local Malbec wine. These non-homogeneous developments are complemented by an emerging clubbing culture for the gay and lesbian community. Recent non-stop flights from many important American airports put it much easier to tango in Buenos Aires now.

Chennai, India

To see the feel of an exotic fall season, travel to Chennai located on the southeast Coromandel coast of India. Most of the rain occurs in November to late December and the weather is still warm with 80°F temperatures but the humidity is relatively low before the summer sets in. Now is therefore the right time to explore more on the Tamil culture throughout the expansive capital city of Tamil Nadu state.

Relax and stroll through British-style buildings in the downtown city area then get immersed in the numerous temples with vibrant colored roofs. Visit the impressive artifact collection of the Government Museum starting from the archeological to the modern period art, and watch a Tamil musical or a classical Indian dance, Bharatanatyam. You also should not miss the tasting South Indian foods such as dosa while you are in this place. Admirers of beach areas will find the nearby resort of Mahabalipuram rather interesting. Currently, Chennai does not directly connect with many flights from the USA but it can be connected through the Middle East or Europe.

Other Options for Last Chance Fall Getaways

Lastly, a few other locations are also important for the enjoyable November climate that people would travel to experience. Consider these bonus locales:

- Vietnam – It is a paradise for backpackers as the rainy season diminishes in November and tourists love to visit beaches, rivers, and temples situated in Vietnam. The climate is relatively warm with average temperatures ranging between 75°F in the northern area of Hanoi and the southern region of Ho Chi Minh City.

- Australia – When most of Australia remains at its hottest in November, with temperature touching as high as 104°F in the interior; the Queensland Coast coastline averages at 70°F, making the entire region perfect for travelers seeking for Australia shoulder season travel.

- Bermuda – With temperatures going down to 70 °F this definitely resembles winter for this North Atlantic island paradise which usually enjoys summer temperatures above 80 °F.

- Palm Springs, California – With above average heat hitting up 83°F for golf, mid-century modern architecture, and Palm Canyon hiking miles away from wintery snow.

- Charleston, South Carolina – Despite the average high temperatures of 60-70F, Charleston does not let the South Coast lose its charm in November, not to mention the holidays that are celebrated before the first frost appears inland.

Prepare Your Final Fall Blow

If you are fed up with the chilling winters in North America you should know that it is still prime time to enjoy a November tropical getaway. Whether it be a three-day weekend or a whole week of vacation, take your time to continue to enjoy the extended fall season with its bright sunny days and pleasant temperatures. Vests for evening and morning times during the trip. Then immerse in adventure, culture, and food that best depicts the above-mentioned destinations in the season of May.