What's another word for reservation?

  • Jul 10, 2024
What's another word for reservation?

What Is Another Word For Reservation

When you are talking about a reservation, you may probably Picture a restaurant table reservation to a certain eatery, booking a room in a hotel for a future trip, or even making a campsite reservation in a national park. But there are other connotations to the term reservation that are not associated with the meaning of a reserved item or a place that has been reserved for specific use. Below is a list of some of the best substitutes for reservation that can be used in formal and informal writing and speech.


Among the most obvious and widespread replacements for reservation, one can mention booking. It is used where you could also use the term reservation – for instance, booking a hotel room, renting a car, or flying by an airline. Booking is nearly synonymous with the meaning of reserving or making available a particular item for use in the future by a certain person or several people. However, booking is slightly different and refers to a more business-like context such as booking an airline ticket and not holding a table in a restaurant.


An appointment can be viewed as a reservation alternative if you are going to discuss an appointment as a form of reservation where a certain amount of time is taken rather than a physical object. It is more appropriate to make an appointment to see a doctor or get a haircut than to make a reservation. An appointment schedules a time to meet or greet with someone or to receive a service at a given premise. Like reservations, appointments should be booked in advance and can be canceled in case any other arrangements are planned.


When you phone a hotel and tell it you want a room saved for you, then, you are doing exactly what you would do if you had made a reservation. However, a room hold usually implies that the group has some level of interest in occupying the rooms in question, but the booking is not as certain or long-term as a confirmed, named group booking. For instance, if this hotel has cancellation policies where guests are allowed to cancel their rooms up to 48 hours before check-in, they may only guarantee a room up to 24 hours before check-in and then release this into the other available rooms.


Substituting the word reservation with slot is preferred when referring to reserving a stall, seat, or space in a particular event, class, or activity that has a limited number of spaces available. For instance, you may choose a cooking class, which will only allow up to 10 persons per session or batch. In this context, slot signifies the individual position you occupy in the group activity.


Likewise, to confirm the place is the same as to make a reservation and to tell the place. If 30 people have confirmed a bus tour to accommodate only 25 guests, no one would wish to lose his or her spot.


A spot expresses a more informal kind of booking, for instance, if you are not sure whether a particular restaurant takes bookings or not. You could still arrive early just to wait for the management to open the floor just to ensure that your party gets a table that is usually reserved for the early birds.


Most of the time, when people are eating away from home, there is confusion between the terms reservation and order. In local restaurants, you request when you would like your next food order and at what date/time you want to come pick it up or to be served. Although you are not making a direct reservation with the restaurant it creates a contract that you are ordering goods or services to be provided at a subsequent time.

Hold a Table

The phrase holds a table is another method of referring to tables without officially reserving them in a popular restaurant. You may order the hostess to keep the table for you for at least 30 minutes so that everyone in your group can come. This verbally you hold the table for a specific time but they do not write your name on the table as a formal reservation.

Save a Seat

You do not make bookings but book places for individuals in case of a packed concert or tables in the high school canteen. This implies you are actually reserving certain physical chairs rather than just applying for a seat on a waiting list.


Dibs is a childhood term used in English to refer to claiming something, reservations, or places in queues from childhood such as; Dibs on the front seat! Dibs on the pizza! The phrase I called dibs therefore suggests that you meant to have something before others.


When you state this hotel is fully booked or that something is previously booked, this effectively replaces the word reserved in it. When all of the spaces are occupied, there is nothing more to book or reserve in that particular area.


Some can be booked in advance, but once these are confirmed, they turn into ticketed events much like enlisting in a tour, a class, and other similar activities. It is quite literal that holding a ticket means your slot is booked, and your participation is confirmed. As a reminder, tickets can also mean a first-come, first-served place for unused performances, seats, etc.


In events that have no assigned seating but are a crowded affair such as meetings and buffets, people tend to stake their places and territory. Staking your claim suggests claiming something or asserting rights to it, though less formally than an actual reservation.


A seat, room, or other space can be taken or no longer available if it is occupied by someone who has booked the said space earlier. Clients may use phrases such as Do you have a table for two? Is that table free? is that table occupied? etc., when they request a table that cannot be booked online. They may include, Are those rooms still available for our guests for the night?


Furthermore, an occupied room or a seat on an airplane means a room or a seat that is taken by a guest. First-class airline seats could be booked when searching for a reservation, in the same way, that any RSVP list featuring occupied places that are unavailable to be filled.


This means that when the management of a store or restaurant proclaims that a particular time slot (or all of them) is booked, they have made their schedules fully booked and cannot accommodate any additional bookings. Closed signals signify the complete unavailability of numbers rather than their occasional hold.


Having reached their maximum seating, popular restaurants often operate waitlists during the busier hours of the day, which is usually in the evening. Joining the waiting list means registering for a phone number or email address to be used if the opportunity becomes available. Waitlist requests still signify a desire to book a particular place but with a limited amount of guarantee.

On Hold/Pending

If you reserve a car from a car rental company by phone call but all compact car rentals are sold out during the dates that you planned for your travel, they may either place another class of vehicle on hold for you or put your reservation request on hold until they have new stocks. This essentially means you are always the first to make an actual reservation as soon as something opens up.

In Conclusion

All the above terms refer to the idea of setting something aside or making arrangements for it in preparation for use in the future as long as the items remain available. About reserving a hotel room for next month, or saying I call this place, or otherwise buying tickets or claiming territories, all of these imply actions that involve making a place temporarily reserved before it is opened to the public. The next time you are making a reservation try using any of these words as they may also fit the situation.

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