What is type of booking?

  • Jul 09, 2024
What is type of booking?

Types of Booking

Booking is an action of making a prior arrangement for the acquisition of certain services, lodgings, or travel and other related products and services. The following are some of the major categories of the booking methods and systems existing in different industries.

Online Booking

By far, online booking has taken the place as the most common and easiest way to book many services. The services have become popular among many companies who provide booking services on their websites or applications. Some key types of online booking include:Some key types of online booking include:

- Flight Ticket – This is one of the major services that APAC customers use to search for, choose and make payment for flights through airline’s website or applications. Customers are able to key in destination, date of travel, number of passengers, etc, in order to get a list of flights and then get to book for the seats.

- Hotel Booking Reservation - This involves booking hotel and suites that are offered through the hotels’ websites or through online travel agents such as Booking. com, Expedia and others. Customers are able to see different types of rooms, pictures, the price, the facilities and make a direct reservation for a specific period of time.

- Online Sales and Reservation - Some places such as theatres, cinemas and venues provide an online platform for the customers to book tickets for events, movies, concerts, etc. , in advance for the respective events. Some of the pathways to get the ticket are also through online platforms such as the ticketing sites like BookMyShow.

- Restaurant Reservation- There are dining venues that offer online restaurant booking which entails that potential guests can browse through restaurant listings and book tables in advance for particular times/dates through OpenTable. com.

It is quite clear that the main benefit of choosing the services of online booking is that it is rather convenient, and individuals and families can choose the services they like without leaving their homes. Other enticements that make travellers book online include options for discounts and loyalty programmes. Some of the possible drawbacks may be no chance to have a human interaction and at times, the option of getting modifications or cancellations might not be easy.

Phone Booking

As for the other modes, many service providers also offer booking through a phone call. Customers can dial some specific telephone numbers for bookings and talk to an agent or the staff which helps them in answering their questions as regards to availability, cost or any other issues before they book. Inbound call centres or receptionists are easily found in most hospitality businesses such as hotels and resorts where the guests will be calling directly to the property to check on the availability or to make a reservation. Although the general trend shows that more clients are opting for online reservation some others still prefer making the bookings via a phone call.

In-Person/Counter Booking

In service sectors like tour and travel, hotels and restaurants, parks and other entertainment places, in-person/over the counter booking is prevalent. For instance:

- Travel agencies deals in air tickets, accommodation and holiday packages and have ground offices where agents obtain customers’ specifications and arrange the booking once they have cross-checked fares, room rates and other charges in real time.

- As much as it is customary that hotels provide the reception services for check in, and reservations and attending to walk in guests checking in, the front desk reception counters are manned by staff to perform these tasks as needed depending on the various room types offered.

- Theaters and cinemas’ ticket counters enable customers to enquire about shows, timings, and seating preference, and obtain/book tickets.

Through the in-person booking method, customers may be able to get information and make the bookings with assistance. However, what is available to the customers who visit the store without prior reservation may not be as complete as what is offered to the customers who book the services online in advance.

Third Party Booking Services

Several websites such as Booking. com, Expedia, MakeMyTrip, Airbnb and others offer online travel agency and/or hospitality booking services for flights, accommodation, holidays, attractions and tours as intermediaries. Indeed, they act as an intermediary between the customers and the service providers through offering booking platforms.

By implementing such platforms the customers are able to look at what is offered by a number of vendors in a single place rather than visiting each supplier separately. Kärnämaksut, alennukset ja cashback-kampanjat toimivat myös tähden varauksia kolmansien osapuolten kautta. Finally, to expand their market base, service providers use the distribution channel by involving third party distributors.

Corporate/Business Booking

For companies that require frequent business-related travel and accommodations for employees, dedicated corporate booking tools offered by travel management companies provide useful booking services with extra features like:For companies that require frequent business-related travel and accommodations for employees, dedicated corporate booking tools offered by travel management companies provide useful booking services with extra features like:

- A single point for all bookings to be processed.
- Preferred rates or business rates
- They have different travel policies and approval controls based on the specific needs of an organization.
- Monetary reporting of the spending and bookings done
- Linked to the accounting software

In this way, it allows the companies to control the total corporate bookings and related expenses in one single place and also have the standard of travel policy as per the organization. Some of the leading players in the space of corporate booking tools include SAP Concur, TripActions, TravelPerk, etc.

Finally, there are numerous ways through which travelers, diners, and patrons can book services today, and these include online through the service providers’ websites or through booking sites, via phone calls, or physically. This last type also has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the specific channel used in a particular booking. With the help of online booking services, consumers have the largest choice and the greatest number of possibilities for the search and direct booking of flights, hotels, restaurant tables, and so on. However, the direct bookings via phone and direct sales at the counter are still preferred by those who do not prefer online platforms. There is no single way in which people should book a hotel because it all depends on one’s own choice. It is common nowadays to have different interfaces to make a booking with service providers for the convenience of the consumers.