What is the meaning of room reservation?

  • Jul 09, 2024
What is the meaning of room reservation?

What is Room Reservation?

Room reservation is the process of making a reservation for a room to stay or to spend the night in a hotel, hostel, resort, or any accommodation provider. It refers to a process by which one makes a telephone call or submits a written request to the hotel or any other accommodation establishment and informs them that you will be arriving at the said hotel or establishment on some specific dates and that you want the management of the said hotel or establishment to hold a particular room or reserve it for you.

Why Reserve a room?

There are several key reasons why travelers make room reservations rather than just showing up and hoping there is a vacancy: There are several key reasons why travelers make room reservations rather than just showing up and hoping there is a vacancy:

1. Full room reservation Similar to a promise of provision of a car on arrival, a full room reservation gives a client assurance that a particular room is going to be made available to him or her. Making a reservation is important, especially if the hotel is fully booked, then the services of the hotel cannot be afforded to you.

2. Benefit from special offers When you select hotels online, you will find that most offer early bird discounts, package deals, and more. Such offers are often unavailable for walk-ins or you may not get the room at a cheaper price since you did not book early.

3. Stay away from unnecessary hassle It is often possible to reach a destination only to find all the rooms fully booked due to the festive season or high moments of the year. With a reservation, one is saved from the hassle of looking for a taxi at odd times and in unfamiliar places.

4. Early booking privilege of preferred room type It is always possible to state the kind of accommodation that one wants during the early booking so that the company can ensure you get the best.

If you are looking for information on how to make a room reservation, then you have come to the right place.

There are several convenient ways to make a hotel room reservation:

1. Direct with the hotel You can very directly dial the hotel reception or the booking and reservations department and get a live person who can tell you about the hotel occupancy and help in making a reservation.

2. Through the hotel website Many hotels today have a website where they offer services that include booking for… This enables guests to observe the available room categories, look at the prices, and make reservations at any time of the day or night.

3. Through alternative channels Web-based travel companies like Expedia, and Booking. com, and hotels. com among others, are middlemen who sell rooms on behalf of thousands of hotels globally. This helps you compare rates at various properties when making a reservation.

4. Travel agents A travel agent; who has privileges to the GDS reservation system can search for available hotel rooms all over the globe and at times they are privileged to special rates. Some people have a wrong perception of a travel agent in that they are charged some fees for their services hence they are not paid.

Further details are required for the reservation

When making your hotel room reservation, you will need to provide certain key details, such as: When making your hotel room reservation, you will need to provide certain key details, such as:

  • The expected day for check-in and the expected day for checkout
  • Prevalence of visitors residing in the room
  • Number of rooms or types of accommodation required double, king, suite, disability friendly, etc.
  • Your name and contacts
  • Means of ensuring the booking is secured, the method of payment.

It can also be helpful to take down the hotel cancellation policy the amount of time that you have to cancel the reservation without incurring additional charges.

Time to Wait, Time to Deliver, and Cancellation Policies

When you make a reservation the hotel sets aside the room for you typically up to a particular time on your expected date of arrival after which the room may be brought back into the pool in case you do not turn up.

Many of the hotels will ask for a credit card number to secure the reservation or simply, you authorize the hotel to charge your card a no-show fee either when you do not show up or when you fail to cancel within the stipulated duration of the time of check-in by the hotel.

Make sure you identify the time specifically until which your particular reservation is valid, and the policy regarding cancellations at the hotel so that you can avoid being charged for a no-show. This is particularly true in reputable hotels, and the hotel will always inform you that they cannot honor your reservation in the event of an overbooking situation.

Why Hotels Overbook

Same as when flights are sold with several seats more than the available capacity due to the expected rate of no-shows, hotel bookings are made with an excess of actual rooms in the facility to cater for those who will cancel at the last minute or fail to show up. Restrictions have to be placed on having empty rooms that are not yielding any income as these are vital in the growth of their profits.

Unfortunately, what can happen is, they forecast more guests than there are clean and available rooms at any given time. High-quality hotels will walk additional guests to other lodgings due to accommodation and transportation in such obscure overbooking circumstances.

Early check-in is a great option to have for guests but unfortunately, it may not always be possible.

Please remember that checking in early is usually not allowed since your room may still be being cleaned by the previous occupant and this is mostly impossible when many guests are checking in simultaneously. Your room will only be available by this time and prepared as per your request upon general check-in time which is around 3. 00 pm to 4. 00 pm. Early check-in should be accommodated if possible but should not be seen as an expectation.

Thus, to avoid confusion and misinterpretation, it is crucial to remember that nonrefundable does not mean nonchangeable.

One of the most frequently observed misconceptions is the idea that, because it is a nonrefundable rate, it cannot be changed or canceled. In particular, it is important to notice that the majority of nonrefundable rates can be changed or canceled depending on the hotel policy, you just don't get your money back. Reservation fees might be charged in this case, often replaced by a cancellation or change fee.

That said before finalising a nonchangeable or nonrefundable rate know the terms and conditions regarding changes/cancellations and the consequences that are likely to follow in case of an abrupt change in your travel plans.

When discussing the Future of Hotel Reservations, it is important to examine the changes that are taking place in the industry.

Hotel reservations remain an everchanging affair in the digital society. Mobile apps for booking opened up another avenue to search for cheap offers and make reservations from your mobile device. Such kiosks located at the hotel reception area also allow for fast and easy check-ins.

Some hotels go even further offering photos of each available room on the floor plan when a guest selects a room or checks in early through a smartphone application. It can also send location-based messages to the cleaning staff, informing them of when you are leaving to ensure that your room is restocked by the time you get back.

Key Takeaways

Booking a room in advance through a phone call or online through a website, an agent, or an application enables you to secure a room, secure the right type of room and the right rate, and avoid headaches during high demand. It is also important that when you book the hotel you need to know the hotel hold, guarantee, cancellation, and overbooking policies. Then on-refundable rates can still be altered, however, refundable options would be more useful if changes are to be made.

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