What is the meaning of reservation in hotel?

  • Jul 09, 2024
What is the meaning of reservation in hotel?

A Hotel Reservation is a formal booking of a hotel and it plays a significant role in the process.

A hotel reservation is a situation where a person makes an agreement with the hotel manager to reserve a room for a future use. It entails an interaction with the hotel through a website, choosing a room, entering date of stay, entering guest information, paying for the room, and receiving a confirmation of the reservation. Hotel reservations are extremely crucial for both hotels and guests for the following reasons:Hotel reservations are extremely crucial for both hotels and guests for the following reasons:

For Hotels
1. Revenue Management – Hotel Reservations: Through hotel reservations, hotels are in a better position to control the demand and supply of their stocks. Since hotels are able to make bookings in advance, they are able to determine which dates are likely to have high or low occupancy and more importantly, the availability of rooms to guests. This assists them to price the rooms based on the available demand that is always dynamic in the market and thus, generate the highest revenues possible. They can sell products and services cheap when demand is low, and expensive during periods of high demand.

2. Staffing and Resources Planning – With the reservation information, the hotels can prepare in advance for the number of staffing they need in all departments or the purchase of inventories and other resources. For example, this implies that there may be a need to employ more housekeeping staff when there are many bookings at a particular period. It therefore leads to efficiency and effectiveness in the services being delivered.

For Guests
1. Ensuring Room Availability – As a result of making an advance room booking, the guest has a certainty of having a room during the needed days. If one does not make a reservation they may arrive at a location where all the hotels are booked especially during the holiday season. It offers customers the comfort of knowing that their lodgings have been anticipated for and booked.

2. Early Bird Offers – This is pivotal for guests since they get to enjoy better room rates, booking early enables clients to book for a hotel at cheaper prices since hotels offer discounts to clients who make their bookings early. And the closer a traveler gets to their preferred travel date, the more expensive the room rates depending on demand. Pre-booking can be a good thing since in many cases eating out is cheaper.

3. The availability of Preferred Rooms – When a guest has booked directly, an organization provides them with an option to book the rooms with certain preferences such as higher floors, better view, connecting rooms etc, provided there are available rooms in the organization. First come, first served!

How Hotel Reservations Work
The standard process of making a hotel reservation is smooth and convenient:The standard process of making a hotel reservation is smooth and convenient:

1. Search and Select
People look for hotel accommodation directly on the hotel’s website or on popular online travel agents’ websites such as Expedia, Booking. com, amongst others, to find hotels in the desired location. Having compared all the rooms, rates, reviews, location and amenities they arrive at the most suitable hotel.

2. Provide Stay Details
On their selected hotel's booking page, guests specify details like:On their selected hotel's booking page, guests specify details like:
- Again, the date of arrival and the date of departure.
- Number of sleeping places for guests
- Quantity and classification of the rooms required (Standard double, Standard twin, Suites, etc).

3. Make Payment
Usually, the provision of full or partial payment is mandatory upon confirmation of a reservation in most hotels. The payment option is quite flexible and can either be done using credit/debit cards, net banking or mobile wallet. It is important to note that a number of hotels offer free cancellation up to a certain period.

4. Receive Confirmation
After confirmation of payment is made, an email and/or an SMS containing the booking number is sent to the guest. This went a long way in helping to ensure that the hotel was holding the room.

With the use of the internet, most hotels provide their guests with an option to book directly on their website. In the same regard, guests can book through a CRS directly through a toll-free number and travel agents. Today you can also book a table through a message, and in many places, it is already possible to pay for a meal through a message.

Importance of Reservation Confirmation
The message received after the hotel booking is very important, with the confirmation message being given most emphasis. It contains details like:

- Guest's name
- Hotel name and location The name of the hotel and the location information that should appear in the name of the hotel.
- Some of the terms include check-in and check-out dates.
- Accommodation type and price charged
- Service / Non-arrivals
- Reservation number

It is important that guests retain this confirmation for their records and it’s advisable to always have a printed copy when visiting the hotel. It acts as a genuine evidence of a booking on the particular date in the event there is no evidence as a result of the search. This saves a lot of time as the reservation number also shortens the time taken in the check-in formalities.

Cancelling or Modifying Reservations
It is worth noting that most hotels provide free flexibility options of changing or cancellation of the booked room within 24-48 hours. The cancellation further afield is generally allowed by most hotels for a certain fines by the cancellation policy. This entails accessing the hotel’s reservation department or through the online booking agent. The guests are required to provide the reservation number which serves as a reference number when searching for bookings.

Thus in brief, a hotel reservation entails establishment of a legal relationship where the hotel is legally bound give confirmed accommodations to the guest on the agreed date on which payment has been made. This brings convenience for the traveler and assures the traveler of getting what he or she wants without having to worry about meeting strangers along the way. Book early also helps one secure the best rooms at discounts early enough before the rush comes in."