What is the cheapest month to fly?

  • Jul 10, 2024
What is the cheapest month to fly?

Based on the information gathered, which month is the cheapest to fly?

It can therefore be seen that the timing for booking flights plays a very crucial role. This means that the month that you choose for the flight will determine whether you pay less or more for your airfare. It is also important to note that there are ways to minimize the amount spent on a flight ticket and this can be achieved if one's flight is taken during the right season.

Well, this raises the next big question in most consumers' minds: what is the least expensive month in which one can buy plane tickets? The answer is rather contingent upon factors such as the place that you are planning to visit, the time that you wish to travel, the aircraft that you are willing to take, and so on. But, notably, there are specific months when the cost of flying is the lowest than the other months. Below is a list of tips that can guide anyone who intends to look for cheap flights at different times.


September comes as a perfect time to travel since after the holiday season, the prices start to drop as the weather also turns colder. Those vacationing with their families are children and since they are back in school family vacations decrease. There has been a slight decline in airfare prices for both local and intercontinental travel after the Labor Day weekend. The temperatures are still high in many desired climate zones, which allows one to take beneficial vacations like having a trip to the sea.

In general, traveling by domestic flights within the United States is relatively cheaper in September with fares being slightly lower than the busy summer period but significantly cheaper by 1020%. It is one of the greatest months for finding air ticket offers.


Although the Columbus Day weekend effectively marks the end of summer, the rest of October sees the continuing lower fares that are associated with the fall season that September initiates. Having beautiful leaves and pleasant weather, one can call it a great month for travel before the peak of the holiday season. For instance, YOU can easily get an affordable flight ticket to Europe in October since there are not many people who travel by plane at that time of the year.

The weeks up to Halloween in October also usually have fairly good offers for airfare before the holidays' expensive holiday rush of Thanksgiving and Christmas. It can be described as a rather serene period for these travel providers before a looming storm. On average, you will cut down your expenses by $75 or more for your plane tickets as compared to November and December.


If you are not a fan of warm climates, then you will find that the prices at this time are the lowest throughout the year, they might even be flying for as low as $142 in January. Astonishingly, the flight costs are depressed after the last day of December due to low passenger traffic. Children are in classes, the festive season travelers have returned to work or home, and the weather is cold to discourage travelers.

You can find very cheap air tickets for both domestic and international travel within a single day. Most of the time, you can find amazing airline ticket discounts, which can easily top $100 off during the low travel season. Miami and Caribbeans are popular among people as their prices are relatively low during winter while the weather is rather warm. Again, this shows that skiing enthusiasts can travel out west and enjoy their favorite sport without having to spend much on transportation.


February retains almost all the rock-bottom airline ticket prices that are witnessed during January. There are, however, some service blackouts such as flights booked around Valentine's Day or over the long weekend of Presidents' Day. However, one cannot argue that there is a considerable number of deals for plane tickets on weekends and weekends during the winter season because when many people take vacations, airfares remain low priced. For example, it is such a good time to be booking that international flight you have always wanted to take but never due to high rates, especially during the holiday season.

Beach trips or Europe and other locations, February's flight sales are sure to please the walletwatchers. Presidents Day is arguably the best time to grab incredible domestic flight deals with the main event typically falling right before the actual day.

Bonus Cheap Months

However, a few other months should also be noted in terms of boosting the chances of getting good flight ticket prices. Here are some to consider: Here are some to consider:

  • August 20 up to Labor Day weekend is usually a period when prices have fallen between tourists going home after summer vacations and those traveling on Labor Day.
  • Mid-April can be considered as the weather is still quite warm as it is still spring, and costs will be less expensive when people are not on spring break.
  • Maybe we can see the prices decrease until the beginning of the summer months before Memorial Day.

What Are the Factors That Regulate the Seasonal Flights Ticket Price? There are indeed various reasons that lead to fluctuations in airfare prices; these include events such as extreme weather conditions, demand during holidays, and assorted other occurrences. Here are a few of the major considerations airlines make when adjusting flight prices by month and season: Here are a few of the major considerations airlines make when adjusting flight prices by month and season:

  • Peak Travel Days These are days that are either national or regional holidays, weekends, and other occasions that see a high uptake of traveler's services.
  • Holidays †The summer season is costly because it is part of the holiday season when schools are closed. Spring Break is also a period that has high fares, for that reason, it is extremely important to make advanced bookings whenever traveling during this time.
  • Availability It may take more time for the technicians to access the site depending on the season they are in.
  • Fuel Costs †The cost of Jet fuel increases in various categories leading to a general increase in prices.
  • Shortage of Staff Through its effect on staffing and the resultant labor unions, COVID surges affect ticket prices.

When should you book your hotel far in advance?

When it comes to planning your trip and asking yourself when you should look into the cheapest month for flights, then you should know that it is one to three months before your trip. This combines the best deals and flight options don't without the last call for high prices.

But yes, it is a fact that booking 612 months ago can grab the lowest fare possible and that too for the most famous traveling places and routes. Travelers who check the airfare trends one year ahead lay down the basic ticket prices and where to get these at discounted prices.

Booking at the last moment is a real gamble and should not be preferred by people who want to save money. Luckily, there is always availability to book a flight with empty seats but cancelations and other changes occur just a few hours before departure, which increases the fare by hundreds of dollars.

Some of the strategies that travelers can use to secure cheap flights are as follows: Beyond choosing cheaper months to fly, some key tips can save you money on airline tickets any time of year: Beyond choosing cheaper months to fly, some key tips can save you money on airline tickets any time of year:

  • Book your flights during the weekdays instead of weekends to bag a cheaper flight ticket most often.
  • That is why, we recommend performing a search for flights in private/incognito browser windows.
  • Click on the bundle option and compare it with other sites and airlines.
  • Sign up for fare changes and sale promotions.
  • The best option is the search for the prices in other nearby airports which can be cheaper.
  • Take advantage of rewards earned from travel cards as well as membership rewards.

With This Month, It Is Possible To Go Everywhere For Less

Airfare has a cyclical nature depending on the time of year; therefore, wise travelers should plan and book their tickets during the right time of the year. Early or late bookings are not always possible but, you would perhaps be shocked at the amount of money that can be saved during the so-called ‘off peak' travel seasons.

With the money that will be saved, one can extend their vacation time or rent a better hotel room. Perhaps, now that traveling is more of a necessity rather than a luxury, you can afford the first-class or business-class seat that turns long-haul flights into a somewhat tolerable experience. Indeed, it may also become cheaper to take the kids thanks to the off-peak fares that will be introduced.

This way, looking at airfares and the general trends in different months, it is incredibly easy to secure some of the biggest sales. Simply be as open as possible with your destination and date of travel wherever and whenever it is possible to improve the odds for a cheap flight.

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