What is short for reservation?

  • Jul 09, 2024
What is short for reservation?

Understanding the Origin of the Term Res about Reservations

The abbreviation res is very familiar when it comes to the bookings of accommodation and dining in restaurants or booking for travel or any type of service or event. However, it is often not clear what the abbreviation represents and where it originated from.

This short form has been derived from the word ˜Reservation".

In other words, when one reads res, it is an abbreviation for reservation. It is one of the techniques of expanding a full word so that it will be easier to write it in a short and convenient term.

Some examples of "res" being used would be:

  • Most people use capital letters after full stops so the first letter of the sentence ˜I have a hotel res for next week should be capitalized.
  • This is exactly what I require to make a res at that new restaurant downtown.
  • I woke up this morning and found my husband discussing with the following message: ˜Do you have the confirmation number for our flight res to Hawaii?

In this case, res is just an abbreviation for what would otherwise be spelled out as reservation. But why use an abbreviation at all instead of the full word is the question that most people would ask.

As for the reasons for using the abbreviation, some of them are the following:

There are a few reasons why people abbreviate reservation down to "res": There are a few reasons why people abbreviate reservation down to "res":

1. Brevity and Convenience

Pretty as a picture, Reservation is a brand new word with four syllables, four big fat syllables! Thus, Res shortens it into a one-word name that is easier to say and type than the full name and contains the first letter of the company name. This makes it convenient for the formation of conversational abbreviations and anything that needs to be made as concise as possible.

2. Common Shorthand Understanding

In many industries including hospitality, travel, and dining, it is normal for the term reservations to commonly be referred to as ˜res. It is, therefore, a widely recognized term that is prevalent and nearly considered a shorthand when referring to bookings.

3. To Differentiate Meaning

Replacing ˜res with the full word ˜reservation also poses confusion due to its length not including the context of the shortened version of the word. For instance, the phrase “ ˜I am looking for a reservation is rather ambiguous “Are you seeking to reserve a new table or enquiring about one that has already been made? However, one must note that while you could use the phrase ˜I am looking for a res, it is clear that what is meant is an existing reservation on file.

4. WrittenAbbreviations for Record Keeping

This might slow down a conversation as well as require additional letters in the alphabet. Therefore, when taking written notes and records, one can use abbreviations such as res to make the work more efficient. They are useful because whether one has to maintain a record of the calls like when people are writing phone messages, or when one has to refer to an existing database of reservations, the abbreviation enables one to do so in a more relaxed manner.

In what Industries is Res used most often?

While "res" can be used broadly when discussing any reservations, there are some key industries where it's particularly common terminology: While "res" can be used broadly when discussing any reservations, there are some key industries where it's particularly common terminology:

Hotels & Hospitality

Hotel employees often use the term res when speaking within earshot of guests or when referring to existing guest bookings for rooms, meals, spas, or other services. It enables exhausted staff to easily highlight reservations in often complex environments.


It is a common practice for restaurant hosts, managers, and staff to use the abbreviation of ˜res for tables that have been booked and diner reservations. The restaurants are always busy with operations running at full speed and time is valuable; hence, abbreviations help to maintain the pace.

Travel Industry

Airline companies, car rental services, tour operators, hotels, and restaurants are making millions of bookings daily for flights, cars, tours, lodging, and a meal, respectively. ˜Res proves useful for shortening familiar terms as in flight reservation to flight res.

While all these may come out as mere observations, it cannot be overemphasized that even the consumer who organizes his or her travel schedule independently will always use ˜res again and again, when communicating with family, colleagues, or staff about booking details and confirmation numbers.

Event Planning

It is possible for event planners to also use res where large bookings are involved such as in business meetings, weddings, and other group events that may involve vendors, venues, accommodations, and transportation needs.

Why does it make Sense to Speak of It as Useful Terminology?

Using "res" as an abbreviation for "reservation" is useful because Using "res" as an abbreviation for "reservation" is useful because:

  • It is an abbreviation, rapid convenient in organizations where speed is paramount.
  • It can indeed be said that this form of expression is a type of jargon that is widely used in workplaces where reservations are particularly common.
  • It can distinguish between existing orders that are already in the booking system and new requests.
  • It facilitates better-written notes, records, and the creation of database systems.

So the next time you are planning a vacation, either to reserve a table for dinner or check on a hotel room, pay attention to how often people use the term, your res. You will now realize that the term reservation here is common and is used in varying forms in many industries and scenarios.

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