What is seat reservation?

  • Jul 10, 2024
What is seat reservation?

What is Seat Reservation?

Seat reservation therefore means the act of booking a certain seat or more for a passenger on a certain form of transport like a train, an airplane, or a bus before a specific travel date. It enables one to book travel on a certain vehicle before the occasion as contrasted to the day used to travel thus saving time.

Why Reserve Seats?

There are several key reasons travelers may wish to reserve seats on planes, trains, buses and other modes of transit: There are several key reasons travelers may wish to reserve seats on planes, trains, buses and other modes of transit:

  • Fixed booking This reservation is important since it will allow travelers to secure a place on the transport instead of being told that all the seats have been sold. This I find gives inner satisfaction and a sense of security.
  • Crew members are considered Airlines can have separate areas on the aircraft reserved for crew members or have side-by-side seating for them. This is not a certainty that can be assured if seats are not being booked.
  • Select preferred seating This is especially preferred during bookings where passengers are allowed to choose their seats in terms of number, thus, choosing seats by the window, in the aisle, with extended leg space, a table, etc.
  • Disabilities / Accessibility People with a disability or who would prefer certain arrangements, such as extra space for legs, close to washrooms, and the like, are allowed to book the seats that will meet their preference.
  • The stressful boarding process is eliminated Reserved seating also eliminates or minimizes the sometimes stressful procedure that comes with boarding a transit vehicle. They just hop on to board and their seat is already reserved for them.

How Seat Reservations Work

It is important to note although the general concept of exact seat reservation is similar across the different modes of transport, the actual process is specific to each. Here are some basics:


Seat selection services can be booked at the time of purchasing tickets or at any other time before the scheduled flight for a charge from most airlines. The data on the availability of seats is shared through the use of seat maps which indicate the available seats. People who book seats on an aircraft choose seat numbers, which are favorable to them. However, the passengers holding reserved seats are required to check in online if they wish to retain the said seats. They may also sell upgrades if any for the games, as well as other additional accessories or devices, for convenience.


In trains, while booking the tickets you can choose the type of seat you want. There are two general types of transportation: commuter and long-distance train transportation. Some of them even allow choosing the exact seats when the reservation is being made over the Internet or at the offices. Some raffle their tables randomly or raffle them according to the order of booking. Passengers who travel by train are given a reservation slip containing details of the train, date, time of departure, and destination, as well as the number of seats. This is used on the onboard platform to retrieve the chair.


In some cases, there is the provision of an online ticket booking system where passengers are allowed to select the seats they want to occupy in the intercity buses. There is also a bus seating chart on the website which shows passengers the areas that are available for seating, by clicking on an open area to reserve it. They received a list of seats they would be provided with either through tickets or printed tickets. Additionally, some local transit bus systems allow passengers to book seats with bus apps for local transit bus services, meaning most of the transit buses only accept passengers based on the first-come, first-served system.

Ferry Boats, Cruise and Other Transport

Seat reservations work similarly for ferries, cruises, rambunctious cable automobiles, and any type of transport. Bookings can be made online and through the phone and therefore passengers can select seats of their preferred positions if the company has provided for this. Others such as ground transport like limos may also extend the similar privilege of reservation.

Reservation Policies

While booking for transit accommodation, the clients tacitly accept the rules set by the transport company. Key rules may include:

  • Measures that would enable the organization to ensure guests honor their bookings
  • Rates are levied if there are changes or cancellations made to the reserved rooms.
  • The right to a cash refund if the booking has been done in advance
  • Minimum/maximum number of seats that groups to which restaurants belong can reserve
  • The time horizon for occupying the assigned places by the board

People should know the policy in order don’t to waste money and time when they want to book seats for the trip in advance but something unexpected happens. The level of freedom in canceling a reservation also varies; some reservations can be canceled for free on specific conditions while others attract a fee.

Making and Managing Reservations

There are typically several options for reserving seats depending on the mode of transportation: 

  • Online: It is also typical for official websites or other authorized third-party sites that offer the possibility to reserve and/or buy seats. People can choose seats on digital maps. Etickets confirm assignments.
  • Phone: Some of them are A) Calling the transportation provider. Their agent can also get the seating availability and reserve the particular seats that have been asked for. Fees may apply.
  • Ticket Office: It is also possible to make reservations at stations, terminals, etc in most cases in person. When traveling clients are assisted by agents.
  • SelfServe Kiosks: Some airlines and some transport service providers operate kiosks that let travelers arrange and print their boarding passes/tickets with their seat allocations without standing in lines.

When bookings are confirmed, the provider gives some unique numbers such as the reservation code, record locator, and ticket number among others to support the booking. This can be later used by passengers to check the status of the reservation online or through the phone to manage the changes in assigned seats and other policies that may be allowed. Updates generate new confirmations.

On Travel Day

Passengers should ideally wake up early enough to make their way to the car, look at their corresponding bags if need be, and get into the car without any undue delay. There should be documents which would be presented to make a reservation. This enables travelers to find their seats easily as soon as they board the vehicle instead of having to arrange for their seats on the physical platform.

What happens is that for most of the modes of transit, seats are booked up to a given time and vehicles depart at that time and if consumers do not show up, bookings may be usually cleared. This helps to ensure all ticketed individuals are boarded to ensure that the trips do not experience delays.


In conclusion, advance seat reservations enable an individual to obtain preferred positions in aircraft, trains, buses, and any other transport means before traveling. This system helps avoid a situation where a particular vehicle is booked beyond its capacity while at the same time offering passenger a chance to select their preferred seats. Checking on reservation/arrival policies helps avoid any form of delay when boarding.

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