What is online booking and reservation?

  • Jul 09, 2024
What is online booking and reservation?

Online booking and reservation simply refers to the process through which consumers can make reservations for various services through a computer connected to the internet.

Online booking and reservation can be defined as the method of service, accommodation, transportation, event, product, and other forms of booking and payments that are made through web-powered devices as opposed to traditional booking and payments through other means. This mode of marketing has now become more popular than ever due to the influence of the Internet and e-commerce.

Online booking: a new trend into the future

The first instances of online booking were mainly recorded in the mid-1990s with the establishment of websites such as Expedia, which enabled travelers to search and book flights, accommodation, car rental services, and vacation packages online. This helped in eliminating the time and effort of preparing trips by phone or going down to physical travel agencies.

Online booking experience has improved significantly due to the advancement of internet connections and the use of smartphones in the last two decades. Phocuswright, a travel industry research firm further overviews that the total global online travel sales comprised nearly a hundred billion US dollars in 2008 and surged to over six hundred billion US dollars in 2018. And this is a 500 percent increase in a decade only.

Many industries now utilize online booking and reservation systems in addition to travel, including Many industries now utilize online booking and reservation systems in addition to travel, including:

  • Such items as events tickets, including concerts, sports events, theater events, and all types of ticket events to any event.
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Medical appointments
  • Transportation services (car hire, taxi services).
  • Hair, spa, and other beauty care services.
  • Shared workspaces
  • Educational classes and activities The following are examples of educational classes and activities that may be offered:

Benefits of Online Booking

For a long time now, online booking and reservations have become very common, and this is as follows: Some key benefits include:

Timesaving This is more so since booking is done online and not through a phone call or a visit to the physical location. At least, it enables customers to book anytime, anywhere, just with a click of a button. Even better, many sites have developed mobile apps as well to make the process even easier.

A wider range of consumers can decide on far more products and services that are available online and procured from different sellers than if they contacted specific merchants directly. Search tools and filters help to set priorities, narrow the choice, and find what is needed.

Comparative purchase Travelers are easily able to compare the price, time, places, and everything in one click from various providers. This transparency helps help the customer find the best deal.

Availability and quality of reviews/information Detailed reviews or information such as photographs, videos, and frequently asked questions about a specific service or product which can assist in the decisionmaking process of booking for the service are easily accessible online.

Promotional bonuses Numerous sites offer promotional discounts, sales, or bonuses for early bird bookings, which are frequently available only for online customers. Generally, their service is more affordable than their counterparts.

Ease and convenience Through the self-service online process, there are no phone calls or direct interactions to reserve, confirm, or pay. Many of the sites also offer flexible self-service options for modifications or cancellations to existing bookings when necessary.

How Online Booking Works

The online booking process can differ slightly depending on the industry but generally involves the following key steps: The online booking process can differ slightly depending on the industry, but generally involves the following key steps:

1. The customer searches hotels, flights, cars, etc., on the booking website or booking app based on date and time, location, price, guest ratings, etc.

2. The customer then selects the item/service to reserve in the preferred option and is asked to input any other information that may be needed like contact/identity information, number of people in the party, or other 3rd party preferences.

3. In the payment step, clients provide the required information about the payment and billing. Your data is encrypted as soon as you complete the transaction to prevent its misuse.

4. Finally, after payment is processed then the booking is completed and is valid. Through automatic means, the customer is provided with an email confirmation, comprising the details of the reservation made, instructions, and terms and conditions.

5. The confirmation is a document that shows that the tables have been reserved. Certain websites have online accounts where details can be retrieved or reservations handled if there are modifications necessary in the future.

6. Payments made while booking are forwarded to the service provider with prior information. Customers are charged the amount due on any other balance at the time of the service delivery or check-in.

Top Online Booking Sites

Some of the most popular and commonly used online booking platforms across key industries include: Some of the most popular and commonly used online booking platforms across key industries include:

Travel: Expedia, Booking. com, Trip Advisor, Airbnb

Transportation: Uber, Lyft, rental cars. com

Food/Dining: OpenTable, Resy, Tock

Entertainment: Fandango, StubHub, SeatGeek

Wellness/Beauty: Mindbody, StyleSeat, Booksy

CoworkingSpaces: Deskpass, LiquidSpace

Due to the constant emergence of new sites and applications, the availability of sites with booking services will only increase in the future across a broader range of businesses and services. Due to the ease, convenience, and flexibility which they offer to the people, they have become an inevitability in the modern day world business transactions."

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