What is main preferred on Delta?

  • Jul 09, 2024
What is main preferred on Delta?

What is the Main Preferred on Delta?

Delta Air Lines is among the biggest US airline companies that operate internationally and travels with more than 150 million passengers yearly, excluding the pandemic period. Delta Airlines is a full-service carrier and whenever passengers make a booking to fly, they are always given several options to choose from depending on the type of accommodation they are willing to pay for, the level of flexibility, and or the type of services they require from the airline. An example of choice that Delta markets is Main Cabin Preferred. However, what is Main Preferred, and how does it stand out from all the other Delta cabin classes? Let's break it down.

The Cabins

On most Delta aircraft, there are up to four separate cabin designations: On most Delta aircraft, there are up to four separate cabin designations:

First Class: Delta's first-class seats offer customers the most legroom, services, and designs on Delta flights.

Comfort+: Additional legroom economy class which offers extra seating recline and several amenities more than a basic economy seat.

Main Cabin: Individual midrange chairs that are normal on most commercial airplanes.

Basic Economy: Specifically, it entails low fares comparable to those in the economy class, but with several conditions on seat selection, alteration, upgrades, and services.

Main Cabin Popular is simply a type of Main Cabin which is a regular economy class however, it has some perks over an ordinary economy class ticket.

The following are some reasons why choosing to fly in the Main Cabin Preferred makes a lot of sense.

Main Cabin Preferred is the type that many travelers go for because it offers services at a rather affordable rate while coming with several extras. With Main Preferred seats, you enjoy:

  • Earlier boarding so that one can get to a seat faster and find where to store their carry-on luggage. They have a higher priority in boarding compared to elite status flyers but also board after that in some specific zones; Zone 1.
  • Additional legroom with selected seating is located in the front part of the economy class where passengers spend less time on boarding and disembarking.
  • Free alcoholic beverages, an offer not extended to a standard Main Cabin passenger. Beverages available for consumption are beer, wine, and spirits.
  • Extraordinary food in the main cabin on more extended journeys that are over 900 miles, not snack boxes as in economy class.

Thus in other words, Main Cabin Preferred is a somewhat improved flight experience over the lowly Main Cabin or economy fare with perks such as priority boarding, additional legroom, complimentary alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, and WiFi for a relatively small premium of approximately $40$80 per segment based on the flight route and demand.

Seat Selection Process

If you are selecting your seats while buying Main Cabin Preferred fares on the Delta website or in the app, you will be allowed to select a specific Preferred seat from the available options, though some seats may be subject to additional charges. They also offer an opportunity to purchase Preferred seating when selecting a regular ticket type within Main Cabin.

If you have not chosen special seats, then the airline will provide Preferred passengers with all the remaining Preferred seats before the general economy boarding zones.

Main Cabin Preferred seats are available in seats in front of most economy cabins, or near the emergency exits and these are depicted by yellow letters HEADING on seat maps. For Delta narrowbody Airbus and Boeing aircraft, the number of Preferred seats ranges from 2030, and it is used for domestic flights. International long haul main cabin preferred seat is available in wider body aircraft such as A330 and the number of these seats ranges between 3040.

Let's compare the Main Cabin Preferred with the other choices

Main Cabin Preferred is also available with the feature of more legroom, priority boarding, and free drinks at a somewhat higher price than Delta Comfort+. It does not include extra legroom or other comfort benefits like additional recline, but it is cheaper for the major features of the early boarding area and alcohol.

Main Cabin Preferred is a bit more expensive than the standard economy, but it is worth it because it offers the same product but with slight perks. Some are categorized under the elite status flyer where there are more options to upgrade.

Main Cabin is very limited to reduce the price so Preferred gives the passengers much more freedom and benefits for a few more dollars compared to basic economy.

So to sum it up, Main Cabin Preferred falls under the category that is more desirable than standard economy but not as costly as premium economy to make flying a more enjoyable experience! If you can afford the moderate upgrade fee, then you might consider going for Delta Preferred.

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