What is main cabin in Delta?

  • Jul 09, 2024
What is main cabin in Delta?

This area of the Delta is known as the Main Cabin, and it offers its customers a chance to make economical and affordable bookings for their flights.

When selecting a Delta Air Lines’ flight, you are likely to come across fare types such as First Class, Comfort+, Main Cabin, and Basic Economy. The Main Cabin is what Delta calls its basic economy seating or the economy class of the aircraft. Here is a detailed overview of what travelers can expect when flying in Delta's Main Cabin: Here is a detailed overview of what travelers can expect when flying in Delta's Main Cabin:

Seating and Cabin Layout

Delta arranges most of the domestic narrowbody aircraft’s Main Cabin in a 33 setup, which means that all the seats are squeezed side by side in a row with a single aisle dividing the sections. On intercontinental flights, Boeing 777 and other widebody planes may have a 333 or 252 layout.

Main Cabin seats differ in pitch (distance between seats) which ranges from 30 inches to 33 inches. This is more or less expected across all-economy class seating across most of the major airlines within the United States. The seats are ordinarily 17. 2 to 18. 5 inches across without headrest height adjustments. The Main Cabin is usually located in a forward and an aft section, separated by lavatories and a Comfort+ cabin.

Main Cabin seats are assigned at check-in and, as a rule, this policy does not allow passengers to choose specific seats during the booking process; however, when ordering a ticket on the official website of Delta, passengers can choose preferred seats for free. Hence, Main Cabin seating comes at no extra cost on top of the base fare that you are charged. Special seating options include Comfort+ and First Class seats, which can be preselected at the time of booking, or chosen at the check-in stage.

InFlight Amenities and Services

Main Cabin fares are the lowest tier of marketing class in Delta, therefore some of its services are worse than in other cabins. On the other hand, the passengers of Main Cabin enjoy other privileges than the passengers in Basic Economy. Here is what's included:

This hotel provides free beverages, both, nonalcoholic and alcoholic.
Delta could have standard free snacks in a bag.
Internet connectivity for WiFi streaming or through direct connectivity to the entertainment system installed in the seats.
First checked baggage-free
Delta's frequent flyer program known as SkyMiles receives several miles for this flight.

Delta also offers pillows and blankets to passengers for complimentary in the longer flight trips. You can also get better meal boxes on most routes too The services of this company have been getting better day by day. All passengers in the Main Cabin are entitled to receive the same standard services from the flight attendants, beverages on board, and other services as passengers in the other cabins.

CarryOn Baggage Allowance

For Main Cabin tickets, the policy of Delta Airlines is one baggage allowed as carry-on baggage besides a personal item. The carry-on luggage may not exceed 22 x 14 x 9 inches (56 x 36 x 23 cm), and the personal items including purse and laptop bags should be 10 x 17 x 9 inches. Only if the item has a dimension that is over these sizes it will attract a checking fee. Delta is quite particular about its sizing of acceptable carry-on bags and passengers who bring bags that are too big will most likely have them sent to the plane’s gate as checked baggage.

Main Cabin Boarding Process

When it comes to Main Cabin passengers, Delta separates them into two groups, even after it caters to its premium customers and elite members. Here is the typical boarding procedure: Here is the typical boarding procedure:

Group 1: Club Delta One suite, First class, and diamond Medallion customer
Group 2: Delta Premium Select, Comfort Plus, and flyers with a Gold Medallion status
Group 3: Main Cabin back section business class
Group 4: Lower section of the cabin that is categorized as Main Cabin
Group 5: Basic Economy

This way the boarding is efficient, and passengers do not have to crowd around the rear or forward part of the cabin to find their assigned seats. While transferring from one group to another, any poor group 1 or 2 student who requires more time or help can also get on early. The details of your boarding group and zone number can be found on your boarding pass.

Seat Selection and Upgrades

These seats are known as Main Cabin seats and can be chosen for free when flying with Delta through the official website. When selecting seats on a seat map, you can view the available positions and opt for window, aisle, or middle seats. The upgrades to Comfort+ normally go for $59$199 each way, depending on the route and availability. First-class prices are significantly more volatile, but at their bare minimum, they can cost anything between $100$500 per fare segment for domestic flights.

In the case of booking, passengers have the freedom to bid with the available miles to upgrade automatically from the Main Cabin if the desired seats are available. This will then place you on an upgrade list which will enable Delta to offer you an upgrade in the days leading to the time you are set to fly. It is also possible to change flights and upgrade to a new flight on the same day at the gate if there is an available opportunity. Upgrades are given according to the priority based on the Frequent flyer tier and Medallion elite flyers take the priority.


Here are some useful insider tips for getting the best Main Cabin experience on Delta: Here are some useful insider tips for getting the best Main Cabin experience on Delta:

  • It is also important to have your refillable water bottle with you when flying to avoid dehydration. Not until after security must one fill it up.
  • You can use the mobile boarding pass feature via the Fly Delta application.
  • Take your noise-canceling headphones and a neck pillow for sleep.
  • It is better to select restrooms that are away from a high-traffic area such as the galley area, which has increased foot traffic.
  • Order meals in advance especially when flying on international flights that may last for many hours.
  • Create flight alerts for alerts on notifications from Delta; through an app or text.

Therefore, in one nutshell, Delta Main Cabin is just the same as the regular economy Delta seats. It provides an opportunity to travel without discomfort, and reach different airports throughout the world, which is a significant advantage of Delta; in addition, it is more suitable than true ULCCs because of some basic facilities. Compared to First Class, Main Cabin is a more humble version of the airplane, but it will get you to your destination safe and sound.

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