What is free with Delta?

  • Jul 10, 2024
What is free with Delta?

What can I get Free of Charge while using Delta Airlines?

To those who are planning to book Delta Airlines flights, one might be asking what happens to me when I book a flight with this company. Although basic economy fares allow you only to have a seat on the plane, there are several free extras and services that Delta offers on the majority of other fares for a flight. Here are some of the key categories that outline what you are likely to be offered for free by Delta Airlines:

Checked Bags

On average, many Delta tickets come with free check baggage. This can vary depending on your fare type, status, and the flight destination that you are flying to.

Here are the standard free checked bag rules with Delta: Here are the standard free checked bag rules with Delta:

  • Main cabin tickets offer people the possibility to carry 1 free checked baggage. The main cabin is Delta's standard economy class fare type and although it does not offer the bare bones basic economy service, it is a more affordable and flexible service tier than Delta's ‘Comfort+'.
  • First-class tickets are even provided with facilities such as 2 free checked bags.
  • Flying Delta Comfort+ offers customers one checked baggage for free
  • Medallion elite members and eligible Delta SkyMiles American Express cardholders receive free checked bags as follows: Medallion elite members and eligible Delta SkyMiles American Express cardholders receive free checked bags as follows:
  • Silver Medallion: 1 piece of baggage checked at no cost
  • Gold Medallion: 2 free checked bags and 1 free carryon bag
  • Platinum & Diamond Medallion: 3 free checked bags.

Therefore, as long as you don't get a Basic Economy fare, you'll be allowed to check at least one checked bag with Delta for free. This is helpful when packing for your trip as it is cheaper and could save you between $30 and $60 for a round trip.

Snacks & Soft Drinks

Delta provides free food and beverages including crisps, biscuits, fruits, and soft drinks on most of their flights that cover a distance of 250 or more miles. Amenities can be miniature biscuits such as Biscoff cookies or pretzels as well as different beverages including soda, juice, coffee, and tea. It ranges from the number of flights, the duration of the flight, and the specific destination, with more snacks provided on longer routes.

Beer and wine are offered on most Delta flights and the airline also offers prepackaged nonalcoholic beverages. First-class flyers get to be served one alcoholic drink free of charge.

InFlight Entertainment

Most flights have free entertainment available for viewing or listening through Delta Studio. It is imperative to note that their entertainment portal does not compel any to purchase WiFi to be able to see it. However, content instantly plays on the device you own or use frequently for browsing the internet.

Delta Studio includes:

  • Free of charge movies, TV shows, and recommended videos
  • iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and any other chatting app you might use for free.
  • Satellite TV with some aircraft provided with live TV.

It is possible to use your device or choose the touch screen in every row and headphones, which are provided on all kinds of jets. Grazing on the free entertainment that accompanies long flights is easier.

Basic Main Cabin Amenities

Most tickets that Delta offers come with free main cabin services, excluding seat selection, upgrades, food, or bags. Such complimentary items enhance the inflight experience.

Free main cabin amenities include: Free main cabin amenities include:

  • Standard coach seat and legroom.
  • The right to use overhead compartments for storing hand luggage
  • Soft drinks, Snacks Entertainment, and WLAN connection where available
  • Perhaps the most noticeable changes on international flights are the pillows and blankets.

There can also be additional services touching or hand towels before meal services or hot towels before touching down.

Premium Seat Amenities

Delta has a few premium economy and/or main cabin extra options in addition to the standard main cabin for an additional fee at purchase. You will have to take a more expensive ticket for these premium positions but there are extras thrown in that cost you nothing.

For example, complimentary perks included with Delta's First Class seats contain: For example, complimentary perks included with Delta's First Class seats contain:

  • Priority boarding
  • In the current models, there is wider and more comfortable seating to cater to a larger number of passengers.
  • Meals, drinks, and snacks that are associated with a particular season, occasions when alcoholic drinks are consumed, and other beverages.
  • Enhanced entertainment content
  • Available to borrow: noise-canceling headphones
  • Charger sockets and USB connections

Besides, passengers who book Delta Comfort+ also get some perks including free extra legroom, free beer, wine, and spirits, and personal overhead space.

Partner Perks

Another thing that is notable about Delta Airlines is that they coordinate with other brands for travel to offer certain special services. Some of the common free perks available through partners include: Some of the common free perks available through partners include:

  • One checked baggage free when patronizing Delta vacations
  • The first bag free on Aeromexico flights
  • First access to the most comfortable seats and an opportunity to board first when traveling on Air France-KLM.
  • Free beers from SweetWater Brewing Company
  • Starbucks time offers in airports consisting of buy-one get-one free coffee products

Expanding on what is simply the airline ticket itself, the process of verifying what other freebies you are eligible for in the Delta network and those of its partners strengthens the understanding of what is provided for free.

SkyMiles Membership

Many travelers who board Delta planes are part of the SkyMiles loyalty reward program without any charges. The first level of membership is basic, and members get 10 miles for each dollar spent on tickets that have been bought directly from Delta.

This is where SkyMiles comes in handy; members are allowed to exchange the collected miles for free flights and upgrades. The program also entitles its customers to avail of special member fares and discounts. Some passengers can even book a flight to get Medallion elite status for additional traveling privileges.

A SkyMiles member also enjoys a special offer of a free inflight drink coupon on their birthday. The benefits that come with membership are free to be savored.

Freebies associated with Delta Airlines stand as some of the most munificent. Instead of giving travelers all the options and charging a small fortune for any added services, Delta provides a package of freebies depending on the ticket price and membership in the Flying Frequent program. Other distinguishing features that provide even more value than some of the most stringent low costt competitors include the number of free checked bags, food, entertainment, and seat upgrades. It allows the customer to pick the fare level that provides the desired services without any additional charges making it easier to understand what comes free with Delta.

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