What is free on Delta?

  • Jul 09, 2024
What is free on Delta?

As it is stated in the article, what is free on Delta Airlines?

As for the passengers who are deciding what flight to choose and which company to fly with, it is important to know what is covered under the ticket price with Delta Airlines. There are fees for carry-on bags, assigned seating, and most food items and beverages served onboard, but there are some bonuses with this airline that are free. Here is a list of what customers can access or experience without incurring extra charges from Delta Airlines company.

Carry-On Bags

Delta’s current baggage policy permits each passenger to carry one personal item, which does not have specific size restrictions, as well as one standard carry-on bag. Cabin baggage allowed includes hand-carried items such as a purse or a small backpack which should fit under the seat in front of you. Cabin baggage or standard companion pieces normally can be taken into overhead compartments and have to comply with the dimensions of 45 x 35 x 20 cm. Thus, passengers are only allowed to take bags with a size that is compliant with the requirements set by Delta for onboard baggage.

Snacks and Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages for the main cabin are offered free of charge for flights that are over 250 miles in length. Now travelers can enjoy Pizza Hut's Bistro which includes onboard meals, film and music videos, video games, Hershey’s chocolates, live TV, and free drinks like Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, water, orange juice, coffee or tea with Delta’s peanuts, Biscoff cookies, pretzels or pretzel crisps. Meals are also served on long international flights, with arrangements made in advance to fit the time difference of the destination country. First and Delta One passengers are offered premium food items like fruits, vegetables, salted nuts, sparkling wines, and microbrew beers.


Delta has movies and TV shows available on seat-back monitors or via streaming through personal devices, and all are free of charge. The cabin allows passengers to watch movies, and shows, listen to music, play games, and other related activities. Delta has a main menu with options for movies, TV episodes, games, podcasts, and playlists to be enjoyed during the flight without an additional charge. Wi-Fi connectivity is also offered on most domestic Delta flights and some for a fee or a fee with additional amenities such as messaging, email, browsing, etc.

Blankets and Pillows

In the main cabin, Delta provides blankets and pillows, especially on long-haul, overnight flights to ensure that passengers have comfortable sleeping arrangements. Cooks include pillows and blankets; and Westin Heavenly Inflight Blankets on particular routes only. Comfort+ and First Class may get improved sleeping facilities. To be more precise, all of them are clean, meaning the pillows and blankets are washed in between each use.


It is necessary to insert a plug into the jack for entertainment or music from an electrical device? The headsets that Delta has provided are compatible with all classes of aircraft to be used without charge.

Seatback Power

Most planes in operation today have seat-back power outlets where passengers can charge their mobile phones, laptop computers, tablets, and other electrical gadgets at no extra cost while on the plane. The power port supply depends on the airplanes used in the journey.

Standard Economy Premium Economy Extra Legroom Seating

They do however offer Main Cabin Extra seats which offer extra legroom and are available without an additional cost. Unlike their preferred seats which are usually at the front of the airplane and are paid for. These seats do not need extra cost if the model can be acquired and are cheaper than other options for more space.

Same-Day Flight Changes

Do you require an early check-in or a later check-out? On its website, Delta states that passengers traveling in mainland US, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands for a flight on the same day do not incur change fees if they wish to stand by for an earlier flight. There are no charges in case of a direct flight from the origin airport to the destination airport using the flight number.

Pet Fee Waivers

Delta has a policy on the transportation of certified service and support animals for disabled passengers members of the United States military, on active duty, and their dependents: This policy allows for free transportation for the animals. There are some limitations, but generally, most service animals do not have to pay fees. ESAs may also be allowed to travel free on Delta if not on the same seat as the owner. Inactive military personnel moving with pets are charged pet fees while active duty military persons on official duty are allowed to carry pets for free including if the animal is carried in the cabin or as cargo.

TSA PreCheck

Delta often has a promotion where they provide TSA PreCheck membership for free or at a discounted price to passengers who wish to sign up online. Of course, getting a PreCheck upgrade will usually cost $85 for five years, but it can be available for free or for significantly lower prices sometimes. The other benefit that comes with membership of the PreCheck is that its people are allowed to undergo security checks at the airports with ease. Membership of Delta mileage enables customers to access these opportunities before the general public is informed.

Free Wi-Fi Messaging

Delta has provided free iMessage, Facebook Messenger,r, or WhatsApp for its passengers where onboard Wi-Fi is available. These messaging apps can be useful for passengers to be able to communicate with other people while on a flight without having to purchase full access to a Wi-Fi connection. International messaging allows travelers to stay connected when they are off other platforms in areas such as 30,000 feet where interconnectivity is scarce.

Earning Miles

Delta’s SkyMiles frequent flyer program customers can begin building up their mileage from the day they register for the program without the need for a co-branded airline credit card. Specific points can be earned from miles, and it has been known that award flights and upgrades can be enjoyed without charges of annual credit card fees. Sign up for the SkyMiles program is free to get, and it will help you to earn rewards quickly.

Bereavement Fares

It is common for people to book a flight when they lose a close family member, and in this case, Delta provides bereavement fares when it is an emergency. Quantities showing an immediate member of the immediate family have to be incurred in case of a loss to be provided to be offered at a subsidized rate. Conditions are put in place but it offers discounts of up to forty-five percent of the normal charges.

Availability of Free Cancellations up to the Time of 24 Hours

Sometimes reservations are made and then events occur that make it necessary for changes to be made shortly after. Delta also allows free cancellation on all of its award tickets within the first 24 hours from the date of purchase, provided that the flight is 60 days or more away. This particular waiver makes it possible for award travel to be canceled and at the same time not have any of the redemption miles drained. Taxes and fees applicable for the ticket are refunded to the original mode of payment in case the ticket is canceled within 24 hours.

The Bottom Line

Delta might not be flying in the skies for free but they do come with many pleasant surprises wrapped up in all classes of services at no added cost. As with hand luggage and check-in baggage, beverages, films, and other numerous things, much is offered to the passengers apart from the ticket price. It is useful to know what is free on Delta so that passengers can maximize the benefits of their selected flight.

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