What does Delta Air Lines do?

  • Jul 09, 2024
What does Delta Air Lines do?

Delta Air Lines is one of the largest airline companies which provide customer services including passenger and cargo transportation services both domestically and internationally. Delta is a leading American airline company with its main hub in Atlanta, Georgia and it covers more than 5 400 flights per day for 325 destinations all over the world, 52 countries.

Operations and Services

Being a global carrier, Delta Air Lines offers passenger services, and cargo services, and has several airline partners and partnerships based on codesharing.

Passenger Flights

The central idea of Delta is a corporate mission that is involved in offering scheduled air transport of passengers. These countries include both those within the Americas and across the world, including in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, and Oceania.

Delta's strategically important North-South O&D traffic feeds are Atlanta to Detroit, Atlanta to Minneapolis, New York LaGuardia to Salt Lake City, New York LaGuardia to Seattle, and all of the other main hubs to the numerous domestic, Latin America, and Caribbean cities. It also has significant connecting traffic between the East and West coasts that passes through some of its main coastal airports in Boston, Los Angeles, New York, JFK, and Seattle.

Overall, Delta has coverage in more than 300 destinations across the globe and operates nearly 5000 flights daily; all of these numbers are adjusted to the mainline and regional jet fleet in compliance with the existing specific market requirements. These are the long-haul international wide-body aircrafts such as Airbus A350, Boeing 777, and others and the second category is the narrow-body Boeing and Airbus used for high-traffic domestic segments.

The international and transcontinental intercontinental flights are served by Delta One which is among the top premium cabin products provided by the company. The airline also offers some services that are exclusive to elites in the loyalty program and those booked in the premium classes.

Cargo Transportation

Not only does Delta offer transportation of passengers and baggage, but the airline also provides air freight services. The airline provides airfreight, mail, and express services picking up and delivering cargo to major airports and other points on passenger services. This is a cargo transport that operates on space available in the main hold of Delta’s aircraft on the various routes.

It also has a specialized division that focuses solely on air cargo which is called Delta Cargo. This unit offers transport services and the flow of special commodities, such as dangerous goods, chemicals, perishable goods, and drugs that demand particular handling. Delta Cargo uses cargo charter flights which employ a limited number of Boeing 757 and Boeing 767 freighter aircraft.

Airline Alliances

To ensure passengers are connected to destinations not covered by the direct flights offered by Delta Airlines, it is affiliated with several key partners and global airline alliances.

Delta Airlines is a founding member of the SkyTeam international airline alliance together with other partners including Air France KLM, Aeromexico, China Southern Airlines, and Korean Air. Agreements like codeshare, frequent flyers, and other arrangements make it possible for SkyTeam Airlines to offer tickets as well as mutual benefits to all parties. SkyTeams flight: Delta frequent flyer members can earn and redeem Delta frequent flyer miles when flying on any of the flights provided by other partner airlines all across the world.

In addition to SkyTeam, Delta has its affiliation and/or strategic alliances and ventures with Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia, LATAM Airlines Group, WestJet, and China Eastern. These deep alliances entail code sharing, revenue partnership whereby airlines commit to time their flights to create easy transfers between them securely, loyalty reward programs, and access to specific lounges.

Ancillary Businesses and Services

Delta has also developed several ancillary business lines that complement its core airline operations:

  • Delta Private Jets - Offers aircraft rentals for exclusive air travel and memberships that allow the use of different light, mid, super-mid, and large private jets.
  • Delta Vacations - Buys airline tickets with accommodations, car rentals, and entertainment for leisure travel packages.
  • While most of the products onboard Delta are sourced through tenders, an in-house product development team is used to design and manufacture comfort kits, sleeping accessories, food, and beverages meant for the Delta Premium One class cabins.
  • Delta Sky Clubs It hosts over 50 airport lounge locations across the US and international destinations with exclusive perks for Delta customers holding valid tickets or Delta Sky Club memberships.
  • Delta TechOps - A different division of aviation for maintenance services for other airlines and military customers and Delta's aircraft maintenance.

Hence, with these types of businesses, Delta Air Lines can offer air transportation, consumer travel products, and technical services to its customers and clients all in the aviation industry.

Focus on Innovation

For the entire period of its existence, Delta was engaged in the efforts to become an industry innovator in the sphere of air transportation. They were the first airline to buy an aviation reservation system back in the 1950s. In the early 1960s, when American Airlines introduced the SABRE system, Delta became the first major company to associate with the platform.

Delta has sustained this strategy of investing in technology for the past decades. Their competitors only began to introduce in-flight WiFi on many domestic flights in the 2010s after they had started it in the 2000s. On the same note, Delta was also the first U. S. airline to implement RFID technology in tracking bags, the new basic economy fares, free messaging while on a flight, and the mixed reality training for aircraft technicians.

The establishment and its services are more generic and straightforward, using the slogan The World's Most Trusted Airline, the company strives for constant improvement and innovation in customer satisfaction. Delta’s spendings go on in airport lobbies, cabin interiors, and customer service to achieve this dependable, premium outlook in the market.

On operational efficiency, customer hubs, and service quality indices with constant innovations in all its segments, Delta Air Lines stands tall as the benchmark for U. S network airlines as the carrier celebrates 98 years of flight in 2024. Maintaining the tradition of excellent operational performance while not being afraid to push the boundaries of the airline industry, Delta plans to continue winning passenger's confidence and preference in the next hundred years.

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