What are the perks of flying Delta?

  • Jul 10, 2024
What are the perks of flying Delta?

While you can get many of the same rewards from other airlines, here are a few of the perks of choosing to fly Delta

There are numerous options when it comes to airlines and many people are bound to prefer one or another for reasons that are considered important to them. From traditional airlines that offer all-inclusive services to low-cost carriers, you can find ways to travel from point A to point B. However, if you need a comfortable and fulfilling flight with Delta Air Lines, you will find this company exceptional. Many enticements and incentives make flying in Delta Airlines a pleasant event.

In-Flight Comforts

There are many reasons why people should consider flying with Delta and one of them is the priority the company gives to comfort in the plane. Each seat is fitted with leather material which has an adjustable headrest and legrest in all the planes that Delta uses. Still, their basic economy seats are even more comfortable than most of the competing airlines' standard seats due to the added padding and increased recline. This comes with even more space, services, and recline if you book the Comfort+ or First Class.

A majority of Delta planes also have video screens in every cabin where passengers can enjoy free movies, TV shows, video games, and Wi-Fi connectivity at a cost. Charging outlets are also conveniently located with almost all seats to allow customers to charge their gadgets when on a flight. At Delta, passengers do not have to worry about sleeping or lying down because the airline provides pillows and blankets in all its cabins.

Delta's Amenity Kits

For passengers in the Main Cabin and Comfort+, Delta provides Complimentary amenity kits on selected flights. These kits have handy accessories such as an eye mask, earplugs, toothpaste, a toothbrush, and hand sanitizer among others. That applies to customers seated in Delta One, the airline's international business, which is essentially a version of international business class. They include thereby stocking very high-end skincare brands like Tumi and other luxury comfort products.

Great In-Flight Dining

Another area where Delta also differs from other American counterparts is meals. During the longer flights, Delta provides meals for passengers in economy class; they are served free-of-charge drinks including, soft drinks, juices, beers, wines, and spirits. Their Main Cabin meals include appetizers and entrees created by some of the household chefs like Linton Hopkins and Kristen Kish.

Not only that, in Delta's first and business class, the option takes a gourmet turn. Customers of Delta One can order their meals in advance from the menu that was developed with the help of Michelle Bernstein, the Michelin star chef. Domestic First Class passengers are also afforded upscale food accompanied by wines. Irrespective of your ticket type, Delta strives to ensure that even your meal times are memorable in high altitude.

Excellent Loyalty Program

Another incentive to choosing Delta as your airline of choice is that they have the SkyMiles frequent flyer program. SkyMiles, for example, rewards their customers with the price of a ticket instead of the distance covered. These entitle members to priority check-in, selection of seat, priority boarding, access to airport lounge, upgrade on their flight, and many others.

Second, there are no blackout dates when using SkyMiles; this is a bonus offered by the airline company. Delta has an open Seat Sale policy, and this simply means that if a particular seat is available for sale on any Delta flight, then that same seat is also available for award redemption using your Delta miles. SkyMiles also allows customers to earn and redeem their miles for flying with 20 plus airlines including Air France KLM, Virgin Atlantic, and others.

Airport Lounges and Upgrades

Offering a sanctuary in terminals that can be bustling before a flight, Delta Sky Club airport lounges offer a more comfortable environment. Some of the available amenities include soft drinks, snacks, wireless internet connection, and well-spaced seating arrangements to ease the tension of waiting for the flight. Delta passengers can purchase a single visit at a reduced price, or obtain club access through the status, particular tickets, or Sky Club membership.

Talking about status, all Delta Medallion elite members also get free upgrades from economy class to comfort, first, or business class if there are any vacant seats left. It means that the more your Medallion Status, the quicker you will be to clear the upgrade list upon booking. It is also important to know that Non-Medallions can also bid for the upgrade to First Class through the use of miles or cash using Delta's Premium Select program.

Reliable Service

Of course, it is good to have comfort, but when one is on the go, at least one can count on good customer service. Here Delta is one of the most shining examples for the reasons that it has the highest percentage of on-time arrival of flights among the top carriers of America and has completed 99% of its flights. This they accomplished through measures enhancing aircraft reliability such as maintenance and measures that enhanced the human capital such as training.

Also, as it will be discussed later, Delta incorporates resources such as the Fly Delta app to offer gate, baggage, and delay information. Another area that saw them make a significant investment was in the use of RFID bag tracking, which greatly helped in the reduction of lost luggage. It also allows customers to be served by employees who are willing to do more than their best and this makes Delta very famous for quick and efficient service justice in the case of any travel disruptions.

Flexible Ticketing

Last but not least, the option that is provided by Delta for changing or even canceling the flight is great and this factor helps to ensure some tranquility. All tickets accompanied by that include free change of the ticket on the same day and standby for an earlier flight. Other fare classes permit free change and cancellation within 24 hours of the ticket's issuance without incurring any charges. Delta also made change fees constant for domestic and most international flights on its airline.

While no airline is perfect, I believe Delta does as much as it takes to put the customers first. Starting from comfy seats, yummy food, and drinks, and satisfying service, to the ability to change plans easily, Delta is good at every aspect of the flight. Thus, the next time you are trying to decide between two airlines, choose Delta so that the latter does not treat you simply as one of the passengers.

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