What are the cheapest months to fly in 2024?

  • Jul 10, 2024
What are the cheapest months to fly in 2024?

The Best Time to Fly in 2024

Traveling in 2024 but you want to know how you can find cheap flights online? This information can help you in getting a better bargain on airplane tickets, specifically the cheapest days to travel. There are no two ways about it; we cannot point to a specific time in the subsequent year and say that the fares will be lowest, but taking into account past patterns, we can discern the least costly times to fly in 2024.

Below is the summary of the typical months with low prices for flights based on the prior year's statistics.


January is usually one of the cheapest months to fly during the entire year meaning you will need less money to get a ticket. It has reduced due to the holiday traveling period which has come to an end, children are now back in school, and bad weather mainly in the winter season discourages people from traveling. This is because fewer people are interested in flying at certain dates meaning that the airlines are forced to drop their prices to attract passengers. As expected, routine flights within America and flights to warmer climate regions such as the Caribbean exhibit a good sale price. A disadvantage of this type of travel is that there is a tendency for more extended periods of bad weather during this season.


Similar to January, February is relatively weak in terms of travel, which, after Presidents Day, is quite noticeable. A good number of destinations in the United States are still in winter, post-New Year holidays, and prespring break travel, all resulting in low flight costs. Presidents Day weekend can be plenty of good last minute depending on school holidays. This may be because people are visiting warmer climes internationally and hence expenditure is slightly higher.


Once the peak travel season during summer ends especially after Labor Day in the first week of September, the airfare comes with offers. Children return to classes, relatives see attractions and sights, and prices start to fall with the beginning of the season. Autumn is also a beautiful season for tourism, and some of the tourist destinations include the southern United States, Europe, and Asia. This means that it is possible to find discounts offered on Labor Day even earlier than this time of the year, especially for the smart shoppers willing to do some research and planning. This is one of the best months when most airlines offer overall cheap flights whether within the country or internationally.


The only peak in the middle of the month is in the price, which is traditionally associated with Columbus Day weekend as a holiday in the United States; otherwise, October remains low compared to September's prices. Many destinations offer comfortable temperatures that are still pleasantly mild or warm, therefore tourists can benefit from the offseason not during the summer and the winter, holidays. In September, you can get numerous offers on domestic flights and flights to foreign destinations such as London, Paris, Madrid, etc.


November is also considered to be within that softer ‘offpeak season just outside the peak summer time and before the Christmas holidays. Thanksgiving fares can also be cheap since most passengers prefer one fixed destination where they can spend the whole Thanksgiving break. Because children are in school most of the month and families begin to budget for the holidays, the airways offset lower traffic with markdowns and cut rates. If you are going to move around during Thanksgiving, you better book way ahead because you know that the Wednesday holiday causes tremendous traffic in airports and is the largest travel day of the year!


As for December airfare, one would expect it to be rather costly because it is the time when there is a heavy influx of travelers. However, the weeks before Christmas and the week following have the best price range you're going to find all month. People generally do not travel during the actual Christmas holiday week, though they may travel the other weeks of December rates can fall sharply because there are fewer visitors. However, ensure that you adopt this strategy, and only buy your stock at least two months before the preChristmas sales. Booking well into November usually translates to paying more than one would want for whatever they plan on doing in December.

Some Tips on How to Catch Cheap Flights:

No matter when you decide to fly in 2024, keep these tips in mind to maximize your chances of scoring low fares: No matter when you decide to fly in 2024, keep these tips in mind to maximize your chances of scoring low fares:

  • Book early! Flights fares usually increase gradually as the number of passengers for a particular trip increases; ensure you book yours early.
  • For most destinations, it is cheaper to travel during the middle of the week than on the weekends.
  • To reduce costs redeemed miles and loyalty points could be used
  • It is important to understand that stakes for nonstop routes usually are cheaper than for an individual connecting flight.
  • Using multiple aggregators to search for the same flight price differences is significant.
  • Register to receive fare notifications and come back to this page whenever there are sales.
  • For domestic flights, you may consider low-cost or LCC airlines such as Spirit or Frontier.
  • Pack light so one can escape the<|reserved_special_token_265|> check luggage fees that make ticket prices shoot up almost immediately.

The Bottom Line

If you are more general about your 2024 travel dates and if you want to book a flight in the peak month of travel, September, October, November early December, January, February, or even late August, then you will have a high chance of getting the cheapest flights. Factors such as fare watching rather than fare fixing, not waiting until the last moment to book, and not choosing to travel during peak hours or weekends that people use their holidays to travel also assist in cutting down the costs. Perhaps it will be more appropriate to take some of the less hectic months and count them as your time off without spending more than you should in the next year.

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