What are the 2 types of room reservation and bookings?

  • Jul 09, 2024
What are the 2 types of room reservation and bookings?

The hospitality industry depends on effective and well-coordinated methods of room bookings and reservation so that guests have accommodation while on their journey. Group reservations are of two forms; these are the guaranteed reservations and non-guaranteed reservation types. Awareness of the distinction between these two broad classifications is beneficial for travelers in terms of choosing the proper type of room for their trips.

Guaranteed Room Reservations

A room booking guarantee ensures a particular type of a room and its rate for a particular trip to a tourist. This reservation entails the guest to give his or her credit card number or reserve the room before the agreed time through paying a deposit. Offers of guaranteed reservations also help visitors to be sure that even if they are arriving during such seasons as holidays or events, they will find rooms for them.

There are several key benefits to guaranteed room reservations for both the guest and hotel:There are several key benefits to guaranteed room reservations for both the guest and hotel:

Guest Benefits
- Guarantee on the availability of the room during the entire stay in order to eliminate some of the stress that may be caused by the uncertainty of accommodation.
- Guarantees the rate agreed initially, discourages outrageous rates given for the last-minute reservations
- Enables one to choose the specific location/ type of room like the one which has a view of the mountains.

Hotel Benefits
- It creates consistent constant and dependable advanced bookings to assist in the control of occupancy.
- Records initial guest bookings fees when business is in its peak periods.
- Minimizes cases of overbooking due to locking of the reserved rooms

Since such reservations call for a deeper level of financial investment, there are usually stricter cancellation polices that accompany such offers. Such cancellation or changes might attract some fee as per the policy set by the hotel or at the time of cancellation.

Non-Guaranteed Room Reservations

While guaranteed room sales are pre-assigned and specific bookings, non-guaranteed room sales do not ensure a guest’s room or its rate during a guest’s intended stay. These reservations serve more as a request for a room and the final availability is a function of the hotels’ inventory at the time of the guest’s arrival.

Non-guaranteed reservations are also favorable for the travelers who are yet to set their schedules for travel and time. Some key aspects of non-guaranteed reservations include:Some key aspects of non-guaranteed reservations include:

- Free services here hence makes it possible not to ask for any advance payment or deposit to be paid.
- This may mean that hotel rooms’ prices depend on the availability of rooms in a particular hotel.
- Possibility of being assigned a different room type when checking in
- Possibility of a walk/relocation to another hotel due to more bookings

Non-guaranteed reservations provide more flexibility in terms of altering the travel arrangements but they commit less to the specifics of a guest’s stay. In this case, the travellers are likely to be caught and end up paying more for the same room based on the stay date or find that the room is fully booked yet they are charged for guarantee fee.

Ideal for Guests Who:
- Does scheduling still remain vulnerable to change even at the initial level
- Have fun in travelling when the plans don’t need to be fixed for days.
- Key lessons: Have other accommodation plans in case the original arrangements do not come through
- Are rational when it comes to choosing routes for voyage

Although the model of non-guaranteed reservations does not demand a prepayment to guarantee the room availability, it has more permissive rules for alterations and cancellations. These bookings may be altered or cancelled by the guests while they can withdraw a guaranteed booking which may have some penalties that are not present in these simple bookings.

Other Room Booking Considerations

When reserving hotel rooms, guests should also be mindful of:When reserving hotel rooms, guests should also be mindful of:

Room Blocks: Individuals who book many rooms at one time for a meeting /organization or for a special offer or group rate

Overbooking: What is also done is to take more reservations than the number of actual rooms in a hotel in order to balance for no-shows.

High vs. Low Demand Dates: It makes securing guaranteed rooms more critical during the peak travel seasons in demand.

Booking Platforms: Comparison across other hotel sites, Independent online travel players; for instance, Expedia, and other travel sellers.

Membership Discounts: Some site provide special discount for the members of AAA, AARP, military, etc. , or for few certain days they give special discount.

Package Rates: Pre-package deals that involve offering a room, meals, facilities, and services to the guests at a relatively lower price.

In decision-making context between guaranteed and non-guaranteed items while choosing a hotel, the travellers are left with decision certainty and decision flexibility trade-off. Adding other conditions such as the probability of coming across high demand travel dates or flexibility to changes in plans can also assist guest towards the preferred kind of reservation for future stays. When the tourist has grasped the basics of the differences in the various types of reservations, they are in a better position to make the right bookings considering the various aspects of hotel reservation from booking to check out.