The 10 best warm places to visit in January

  • Jun 24, 2024
The 10 best warm places to visit in January

It is also a popular time for winter activities as it marks the coldest month in most regions of the northern hemisphere as people struggle with the cold weather, snow and many layers of clothing. In this regard, if you fancy a winter vacation that will have you travel to warmer regions where winter is fashionable and the jackets and scarfs a mere fashion statement, then these are perfect for you. Below, these are ten of the best places to visit for some vitamin D in January.

1. Key West, Florida

Another interesting fact about the climate of Key West during January is that the mean temperature in this city is higher than in any other city in the United States of America. The last major city in the island chain, and the southernmost city in the country, Key West features lots of sunshine and palm trees gently swaying in the sea breeze. You could sign up for a historical bus tour and listen to the guide pointing out the landmarks and significant places in Key West’s past, go for a walk along the beaches, or simply go bar-hopping in the vibrant Duval Street. Do not forget to spend the evening in Mallory Square for the sunset tiki torch ceremony.

2. Phoenix, Arizona

If one is in search of summerlike conditions in January then Phoenix would not be a bad choice at all. Average temperatures range from 63 to 70°F, it does not receive much rainfall, and boasts of sunny days hence is famously used by many as a resort during winter. See spectacular views of the desert landscape while hiking on any of the breathtaking trails located near Camelback Mountain or Superstition Mountain, visit various museums and art galleries or take a hot air balloon that will take you across the Sonoran Desert at dawn. All that one needs is some casual wears and some sunscreen for the sunny beach.

3. San Diego, California

San Diego has a relatively temperate climate throughout the year because of its location in Southern California, near the shores. Average high temperatures are approximately 65 degrees during the month of January, with rainfall at a low. There are warm days when you can simply lounge on beautiful sandy shores, walk through such lively districts as the Gaslamp Quarter or Little Italy, engage in outdoor activities such as hiking or biking through the many beautiful trails, or paddling through the picturesque La Jolla sea caves. Almost any outdoor activity can be done without sweating a lot in January when in this region.

4. Charleston, South Carolina

Renowned for its historic charm, antebellum homes, and intimate appeal and fantastic culinary, Charleston can only be described as a magical destination at any time of the year. But it’s particularly alluring in January when the temperatures may range between 60 and 64 at certain points of the day. Go for a historic walk, stroll through the beautiful buildings and fountains, known as the Rainbow Row, taste renowned Lowcountry dishes such as she-crab soup and fried green tomatoes, visit nearby beaches and barrier islands, or play in world-renowned golf courses all while enjoying one of the most beautiful day’s for sightseeing.

5. San Juan, Puerto Rico

If you’re in the mood for some Caribbean sun in January, away from the all inclusive resorts, then old San Juan is the place. Temperatures of the high season reach an average high of 83 degrees; the hotel and guesthouse prices are relatively low during the low season. Spend sunny days strolling through the charming alleys of Old San Juan and marveling at the vibrant and richly layered history of Puerto Rico’s capital. There are also also many beautiful sandy beaches, good trails for hiking, gambling casinos, amusing night life, and good Criole cooking to keep the vacationers busy.

6. Miami, Florida

Miami, and the area known as South Beach in particular, is a favorite winter destination for sunbathing enthusiasts, lovers of nightlife, and fans of glitz. True, the high temperatures of January average at 77 degrees here, and the little rain that comes in the way does not hinder having a good time. Lounge on some of the finest white and pink sand beaches, dance the night away at Ocean Drive’s wild nightlife, shop and stroll along the popular Lincoln Road Mall, embrace the Art Deco design at the colorful Art Deco Historic district, embark on an eco-tour of the fascinating Everglades National Park or simply indulge in Miami’s flashy, sizzling energy and sultry rhythms that echo through its sultry streets.

7. Cancun, Mexico

Cancun still ranks as one of the premier tropical getaways in the western hemisphere, with January temperatures that recreate paradise—high 70s to low 80s Fahrenheit during the day, and little precipitation and lots of sunshine brightening the turquoise Caribbean Sea. The water is warm enough to swim and snorkel off beautiful coral reefs just a short distance away or discover various forms of nature while trekking through the dense jungle without the problem of high humid and frequent storms inherent in other months. Of course, Cancun also boasts its fair share of boisterous beach barbecues and discos perfect for reveling till the wee hours. The hotel prices are slightly lower here after New Year’s Eve too, or at least lower than any other peak tourist period.

8. New Orleans, Louisiana

Although, now New Orleans can hardly be considered a winter destination, it has rather comfortable temperatures during January with the average high temperatures around 65 F, which makes it a wonderful place to discover the lively city hosting numerous jazz clubs, great Cajun/Creole restaurants, picturesque neighborhoods with numerous pastel Creole cottages, and, of course, numerous festivals and celebrations. What is more, a walk along one of the most charming streets of the country, the Frenchman Street, can be accompanied by the sound of the top live music and a boat ride down the famous Mississippi river offers spectacular views. And do not forget to indulge in such favorites as gumbo, jambalaya, po’ boys, and beignets between or before exploring the famous attractions.

9. Turks and Caicos

Actually, Turks and Caicos is one of the most beautiful and dreamy tropical islands in Caribbean with their miles of powdery white sand and pristine warm waters all year round. Especially on the hotels’ side, there is quite a low price during January when it is still hot here with the thermometer reaching the level of the 80 degrees; so, you can gain the best experience for quite an adequate price of what was named by the readers of Condé Nast Traveler as the top island in the world in 2020. Whether you visit TCI for great snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities, or the best fishing and boating, or just for sunbathing, the Providenciales and other “TCI” islands deliver pure Caribbean experience.

10. Sydney, Australia

Unlike many countries of the northern hemisphere that experience very cold January, Sydney wants more of sunshine associating this month with summer making this one of the warmest places one would want to visit. Average temperatures in Sydney hover around 27°C while the high humidity compounded by the rays of sunlight contributes to a hotter feeling. Sydney has great beaches such as Bondi and Manly for swimming and surfing, pretty and fashionable, do high tea in one of Sydney's historic hotels like Queen Victoria Building, and cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge which is like a giant steel spider, explore the Rocks area which was once home to early colonial settlers and rich in old pubs, markets and museums. Outdoor fun is everywhere.

So, you are eager to bid winter farewell for some time? Merely orient yourself towards any of these destinations that are assured to be warm during all of January and where you’ll be able to enjoy the cool climate, lots of sunshine and not scarce activities to keep you fully engaged throughout the entire duration of January. Therefore go sunbath, put on your flip flops or your shorts and enjoy a relaxed time away from the cold months in your home country.