Is Delta main cabin economy?

  • Jul 10, 2024
Is Delta main cabin economy?

Main Cabin Economy service refers to Delta Air Lines' economy service, which is not of a high standard but also not an economy basic service.

When traveling by air with Delta Air Line, the company provides different classes of cabins other than the first class and the economy. Delta has several classes of services that it offers to its customers and they include the Delta Comfort+, Delta Premium Select, and Main Cabin. Thus, bearing the name “Main Cabin,” the question arises whether the Delta Main Cabin is similar to economy class. In a nutshell, Delta Main Cabin is indeed Delta's economy product offering as mentioned above. However, some points prove that, although Main Cabin is economy class, Delta tried to make the economy class experience better.

Delta Main Cabin is one of Delta Air Lines' important products, which is often used by travelers who seek more comfort at a reasonable price.

Delta Main Cabin is a cabin class offered by Delta Airlines on both domestic and international flights, which is similar to the coach or economy cabin. This is the usual and cheapest fare that most people buy for recreational purposes when they are going to travel.

As an economy product, Main Cabin comes with the typical economy amenities and services including:

  • Standard of economy pitch and width seat that covers an area of about 3033 inches pitch and 1718 inches width based on aircraft.
  • Mainstream inflight Mainstream inflight entertainment through touch screen monitors or through having WiFi
  • Free soft drinks, juice, coffee, tea, beer, and wine are permitted with meal services during long-haul international service.
  • Meals are free for passengers who booked in the standard economy for long-haul international flights.
  • Free checked baggage allowance: One standard checked bag on domestic networks.
  • Unfortunately, those are only available for airlines' frequent flyer program members with high status or for a fee.

While Main Cabin is Delta's economy class, Delta has invested in some enhancements compared to other US airlines' economy products: 

Seat Improvements

Over the years ten, Delta has enhanced many of its Main Cabin seats across more than 900 aircraft. Although it may remain limited and often competitive, in many cases, the seats of the Main Cabin have better padding and shaping with adjustable headrests. Certain types of chairs are provided with winged headrests to enable people to sleep more easily. There are also Main Cabin Extra seats that can be bought which are more legroom than the regular ones.

InFlight Entertainment

Delta has free streaming of inflight entertainment with touch screens at the seats where passengers can have access to hundreds of movies, TV shows, and music. A few aircraft are also fitted with WiFi that enables streaming of movies, music, or any other content on passengers' gadgets. Evaluating the entertainment options, Delta provides some of the most prolific and technologically advanced systems among the United States carriers.

InFlight Power

Most of the Main Cabin has on-seat power outlets where you can recharge your gadgets while on a flight. This convenience was originally a privilege of business and first-class cabins only.

Free snacks and Welcome aboard drink

On domestic flights that are 250 miles or more, passengers on Delta Airlines are served complimentary snacks such as cookies or pretzels and nonalcoholic fresh welcome-aboard drinks. Beverages and snacks are also part of the picture and play a role in the enhanced Main Cabin experience.

Is Main Cabin Considered A Premium Economy Service?

While Delta has made enhancements to some parts of Main Cabin, it is still an economy class offering and not on par with premium economy. Certain attributes associated with premium economy such as greater seat pitch, wider seats, and adjustable leg recliners, and improved meal service are unavailable to Main Cabin passengers.

Another product that has some of those facilities may include Delta Premium Select, a premium economy product that is still offered on a few international and transcontinental flights only. Premium Select offers more legroom up to 38 inches, wider seats, work in the form of adjustable leg rests, and improved dining services such as better meals made of steel cutlery as well as multiple course services.

Summarizing, Delta Main Cabin is somewhat better than many other North American plane economy offerings but it is still an economy class with normal pitch and width seats and additional economy class perks and options. For people who seek something in between business class and standard economy, Delta has developed aspects of both on the Premium Select product offered across parts of Delta's long-haul aircraft.

This article will focus on comparing Main Cabin to Delta Comfort+.

Other classes of service that Delta has are the Main Cabin and business class and another called Delta Comfort+. This product is complementary to the existing economy products by giving extra benefits to travelers at a slightly higher price.

Delta Comfort+ includes all the Main Cabin economy features and services with these additions: Delta Comfort+ includes all the Main Cabin economy features and services with these additions:

  • Increased Legroom: Seats also include up to 6 inches of extra legroom, so passengers have more space for their knees and legs.
  • Seat Positioning: Comfort+ seats are located closer to the front of the economy class cabin so that passengers would not take long to get to the exit rows, washrooms, and services.
  • Complimentary Beer, Wine, and Spirits: Another one is the requirement to provide free meals to passengers on all domestic flights, not just the long-haul ones.
  • Sky Priority Boarding: This accommodation involves being allowed to board before other passengers, particularly before business class passengers.

Main Cabin and Comfort+ are still economy classes because you're located in the economy cabin and don't receive the service and food that is offered in international business class. However, Comfort+ has more perks in the economy class that Main Cabin, per se, does not offer.

Delta Comfort+ is an added option for economy class passengers, especially, for those who prefer to travel more than just a few hours or who prefer more space, it is a good upgrade from the Main Cabin for a fee that is usually between $29 and $99 for a one-way domestic trip.

The Bottom Line:

Delta Main Cabin is a new way of flying in economy class with some extra comforts.

Though not equipped like some of the services offered by Delta's First Class, Delta Comfort +, and Delta Premium Select cabins, the standard Main Cabin economy cabin of the airline offers some fairly notable upgrades when compared to the economy cabins of competing airlines in the United States. With regards to the economy traveler, sought comforts such as comfortable seating, power ports, and entertainment. But overall you are still in economy class and getting economy class fare while Delta aids you in a few aspects.


In conclusion, Delta Main Cabin, despite being a better class of economy class, is an improved, but still economy product for which one pays a reasonable price in comparison with other domestic and some foreign economy class products in the North American region. Given this, Delta has invested in Main Cabin and it remains relatively well-modernized as the airline progresses through the process of renewing airplanes and refining previous generation types. It does not quite get there to be as rich an experience as Delta Comfort+ or its Premium Select economy class, but Main Cabin checks a few boxes of economy travelers.

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