How wide are Delta seats?

  • Jul 09, 2024
How wide are Delta seats?

A question that a lot of clients often ask is how wide are Delta Airlines Seats.

When making a reservation by air, the width of a particular seat is another factor that concerns most travelers. Adequate personal space affects the flight significantly; everyone wants to feel comfortable and have enough space for themselves. So, for example, how wide are Delta Airlines seats? Please refer to the following sections to get more information on Delta Airlines cabin layouts and dimensions of seats depending on the domestic or international aircraft.

Delta's Domestic Fleet

The seat width that passengers on Delta domestic flights are likely to find ranges depending on the aircraft type and cabin class. Here is a breakdown of their domestic fleet configurations: Here is a breakdown of their domestic fleet configurations:

Main Cabin Coach Seats

main cabin coach seats: Boeing 717, 737, 757-200, Airbus A319 aircraft on short domestic route length from 17 to 18 inches seat width. Some of their older aircraft, namely the 757-200 might have a tighter pitch with a width of only 16. 6 inches.

In the Main Cabin on the two-cabin-domestic Airbus A321 configuration, the seats are 18 inches wide, a full inch wider than the 757 aircraft it replaces.

Comfort+ Extra Legroom Seats

Delta's Comfort+ product provides additional legroom, the seat width ranging between 17. 3 to 18. 5 inches depending on the aircraft type. These features in premium economy seats include adjustable headrests and also a lot of recline space than Main Cabin.

First Class Seats

Delta Air Line domestic First Class: The dimensions of the seat for the two-cabin jets are 21-21. 5 inches wide for premium seats. This covers Boeing 737s, 757-200s, 767-300s, and Airbus A319 and A321 airplanes. The seats are wide measuring over 50% more width than Main Cabin seats, and are equipped with leather seats and headrests that can be adjusted.

Delta's Widebody International Fleet

Delta airline long-haul intercontinental flights, transatlantic and transpacific for instance, are conducted using wide-bodied aircraft. More specifically, these larger jets offer more cabin classes and seat choices than their counterparts.

Main Cabin Coach Seats

Delta Air Lines economy class Main Cabin seats on all of the wide-body aircraft for international continuity have about 18-inch width on Boeing 767-300/400ER, 777, Airbus A330, and A350. However, there are some of the old-generation Boeing 767 aircraft still in service and they offer only 17. 2 inches of seat space in the Main Cabin.

Comfort+ Extra Legroom Seats

Again, seat width in the Comfort+ cabin on Delta twin-aisle aircraft is the same as the Main Cabin, ranging between 17. 2 to 18 inches by specific aircraft. Comfort+ is a fairly similar product where you get 3-4 inches more seat pitch/legroom than you will get in regular economy.

Premium Select Enhanced Economy

The Delta new Airbus A350 and the Boeing 777 planes that have been recently retrofitted have created a mini-cabin known as the Premium Select. The new economy section includes seats that are wider at 18. 5 inches and up to 38 inches of pitch with foot/leg rests. These seats are between Main Cabin and Business Class regarding both the cabin organization and service offerings.

Delta One Business Class
Lie-Flat Seats

Delta has focused on enhancing its Delta One product – business class guests and this has involved a considerable investment in seats and services. Business class seats are now available on all of the company's wide-body aircraft and over ninety percent of its newly delivered A350 and refurbished 767-400 and 777, business class seats that are fully flat at 180 degrees.

Dimensions of Delta One seats also vary relative to width, and these range from 21 to 22 inches based on aircraft type. This makes it easier to have a comfortable sleep when on a long overnight flight journey across the Pacific and Atlantic. The additional width also enables someone to have aisle access without offending your neighbor on these new RH herringbone-style seats.

Delta One Suites

While Delta has an A350 exclusively operating some of the major routes from the United States to the Pacific and across the Atlantic Ocean, the airline offers suites in business class with privacy closing doors. These revolutionary suites are still 22 inches wide but have taller walls with doors that can shut to ensure privacy and provide a first-class experience. Look for these popular suites to show on new Boeing 777 and 767 airplanes in the next couple of years, as they are fitted out as business-class aircraft.

As you can, Delta seat width varies according to aircraft type, route, and cabin class; it provides a variety of choices of seat width. Their older domestic planes begin with as tight as 16. 6 inches in the Main Cabin, which is less than their new A350 and 777 aircraft with full-flat beds that are as wide as 22 inches. This variety means going to SeatGuru or Delta website to check the width in case of those who cannot do with very little space. While not Premium Economy, Delta is doing a great job at continuously improving the vast majority of cabins to have even Main Cabin seats at an 18-inch width across much of its aircraft flying both domestically and internationally.

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