How was your first experience in flight?

  • Jul 10, 2024
How was your first experience in flight?

My First Flight Experience

Yes, the first time I flew was quite unforgettable and I still like to recount it as if it was yesterday. I recall when I was a child, I would always imitate the sounds of airplanes and would have wished to have a flight on an aircraft. It is God who, in answer to your prayers, worked this miracle, and when my parents gifted me with plane tickets for my 12th birthday, I could barely contain my joy.

Before that, I would go to bed earlier than planned to wake up hours before my alarm rang in the morning of a flight. I was far too overstimulated and concerned to sleep. My stomach was churning already; just thinking about the prospect of flying like a bird gave me the shivers. Thus, when one is full or tired, the trip continues: we quickly ate some breakfast and drove to the airport.

I remember the moments we were high-fiving each other while going through the airport security check-up to the gate. Each one of them was a step towards the fulfillment of what I had imagined as a child. We reached the gate of my house and I was jumping up and down, more excited than a kid on Christmas. I put my palms on and checked on the big round glass windows that were looking at the tarmac, my pupils expanded with admiration viewing the splendid airplanes outside.

All the excitement began to build up and by the time we were to embark on boarding, I was super excited. Joy flooded me as they called our row, and we formed a line to board that skinny jet bridge. My heartbeat raced as I entered the plane in what could only be my first time boarding one.

I was fascinated with almost everything the happy-looking flight attendants dressed in formal neat clothing, the comfort of the blue-colored seats, and last but not least the temperature control in the aircraft. Landing in the window seat, I was pleased with the idea that I would be able to watch the world go by for the next several hours. As a child, in anticipation of the gigantic wings that were to propel this monstrous device into the sky, I gazed at everything outside through the small oval-shaped window.

The safety briefing and announcement from the captain seemed to have dragged on for just five minutes only. Before I realized it we were on the runway with full acceleration to head straight into the skies. There were moments of increasing speeds, and when the front wheels of the airplane were about to leave the ground, I clutched the two armrests opposite to me firmly. Houses and cars appeared to be very small as we tilted up; we were now dwarfed by the buildings around us. As the ground became distant and unreachable, I was overwhelmed with unimaginable happiness.

I found myself in a state of disbelief that such a thing could occur flying. This colossal metallic object was somehow flying as if on wings and was smoothly landing as smoothly as a bird. This I saw when I was gazing at the clouds to only find myself staring at the most beautiful sight outside the window. The white clouds were white and puffy like cotton filling packed together in a blanket of blue sky. It was almost as if I was close enough to extend my hand and touch them. Watching the world from this new height of vision awed me with excitement.

Then the flight attendants brought round some snacks and drinks which I thought was rather cute and made me feel very mature. I just loved it that with the push of a button, I could summon them over anytime I wanted. Isn't it funny that, for the first time, they let me have soda on a regular day, not a cheat day? I settled comfortably in my seat and had the feeling of a queen while sipping my fizzy drink.

After about a couple of hours of flying, the captain announced that we were going to start our descent within the next few minutes. Once again I steeled myself for the next bump which came as the plane leaned forward slightly. They both spoke in low tones and as the descent seemed to quicken, my ears rang. Then droplets of water on my window were gushing suddenly. I realized the buildings and roads grew on a small scale as we approached the airport.

All of a sudden, the flight became bumpy and I felt the touch of the wheels on the tarmac. The force pushed me back to the chair as if my spirit wanted to fly again by leaping out of my chest. When taxiing towards the terminal, people in the aircraft shouted, clapped their hands, and thanked their stars they were alive. Contrary to them, while we were happy that we had safely landed and our feet were on the ground, I was disappointed that my first flight experience was over.


Every time I get on a plane and step off at the other end, the miracle of the flight is perhaps even more real to me than it was before. That one short trip helped me realize that there is so much beauty in this world if only one could view it from above the clouds. Once I got my feet wet, I was ready to soar through the clouds and indeed, I was immediately hooked on flying. It was clear to me that I wanted to be a pilot when I grew up the moment when I departed on that trip. It is intriguing to feel that freedom above the clouds once more, and to accomplish it, I wanted to do it repeatedly.

That first flight was more than a decade ago, and even to this date, a lot of the details are fresh in my mind. This was deeply personal and created a lasting impact on me and influenced the trajectory of my life in ways that I could not have foreseen. This was the first that I felt a passion for aviation that would remain with me through the years. Even if I have flown many times since then I remember clearly, the moments of sheer delight and magic that I experienced during that first flight.

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