How to get the maximum discount on flight tickets?

  • Jul 10, 2024
How to get the maximum discount on flight tickets?

A Comprehensive Guide on how to get the Best Deals on Flight Tickets

It is an expensive process to book flights especially when one is planning to fly long distances across the continent. However, the following are some of the potential strategies that you can use to secure massive discounts for flight tickets and thereby save a lot of money. Even though airfare is usually one of the most expensive travel-related expenses, it does not have to be that way, here are some insider tips that can help you get an airline ticket for a far cheaper price than you would expect. As you plan to travel shortly and looking forward to booking flights, here are some of the most useful tips and tricks which can help you to avail the maximum discount possible on your flight ticket.

It should be noted that while the sources above highlight the fact that consumers can be flexible with their travel dates and times this should not be interpreted as meaning that KAYAK is not in the business of selling fixed fares.

You stand to benefit from cheap airfares by being more flexible with the chosen dates and even the times of the flight. When it comes to the price Airlines can afford to give out major differences depending on the day of the week, the time of the day, and the season you wish to travel. If the flights are categorized as red-eye or operate during weekdays, they are likely to cost less during the peak season. It is much better to take a flight mid-week rather than on the weekend because you can easily get huge discounts. Also, since it is known that flying during the low travel period will be cheaper than during high travel, the costs will decrease. If you have no strict time to attend a particular place, try to plan travel time during days with the cheapest fare on your chosen route.

For airline alerts, there should be a signup button where people can subscribe to get the alerts.

Majority of the airline companies have even begun sending automated emails and newsletters with special flight promotions and fares. Make sure you subscribe to receive such messages from all the carriers you transact with. This generally involves both the full-service or legacy carriers that have their national flags and the LCCs that operate in the areas you plan to travel to. Monitor these emails regularly and don't hesitate to book once you find great flight offers that suit your route. These discounts are sometimes limited to certain periods of booking and therefore require the buyer to hurry to benefit.

Use Flight Deal Websites

Some of the many good websites out there are dedicated to summarizing and displaying all the current and most attractive international flight offers. These employ sophisticated means and gather information from the sites of different airlines across the globe. For instance, there is The Flight Deal, Secret Flying, Holiday Pirates, Airfare Watchdog and many others; identify those that focus on your areas of interest and subscribe to receive notifications any time the service providers notice hugely discounted fares for your preferred locations.

Book with Budget Airlines

Most of the budget airlines offer very inexpensive flight tickets all year through, but if booked in advance. It does charge for extra services such as checked baggage, food on board, and so on but all these can be availed if one is willing to pay a little more. Some of the global popular low-cost airlines, which operate are Spirit, Frontier, RyanAir, EasyJet, and AirAsia, etc. always look up the routes and compare the offered prices before opting for a cheap flight.

Use Flight Search Engines

To do this it is advisable not to use specific airline websites, but to use metasearch websites like Skyscanner, Kayak, and Momondo among others, which search for fares in different airline inventories and display the cheapest ones. Some also have features that allow the passerby to search for the cheapest flights in the entire month or even season. The only downside is that some of the low-cost airlines do not feature on such portals. Thus I checked the major flight search engines and also directly visited the websites of the budget airlines.

Book Connecting Flights

Frequently, multi-leg flights are less expensive than direct non-stop flights between the same starting and arrival points. This is specifically the case with long-haul flights as it helps the body to adjust to the new environment and prepare for the upcoming day. A connecting flight may simply be a transfer between two segments of the same flight that is quick or an overnight connection. Dont dismiss this option. So, calculate the total flight cost and then add the two together, but only if you had to pay for a hotel at the layover destination. It could be significantly lower than what is provided for non-stop flights.

Choose Other Nearest Available Airports

Search for the prices of all the airports where people may transit or depart from in the area around your starting point and destinations. Another option is to arrange the arrival and departure from other closest airports that might be small or even located far from the main city. For instance, there are use, some low-cost airlines use Stansted instead of Heathrow Airport in London. As for changing the means of transport from a rental car or train to the itinerary, it could just as well mean ticket savings despite flying into the main airport hub.

Use miles and points

If you have been saving up your frequent flyer points or other credit card points on airline and travel reward programs, then its time to utilize these balances in booking your reward flights. This is similar to getting or winning flights or huge discounts from the normal cash price in points or miles respectively. Make a tour through the various accounts and accumulate points from several programs in one frequent flyer account to get enough for a one-way low-cost booking.

Watch for Web-only Deals

Most airlines are now providing special discount airfares that are not available through travel agents or other third parties but are available online. This eliminates the interference of third parties as well as the commissions charged by online travel agencies. Hunt for web-specific offers or any other limited-time-specific offer that the airline offers to customers who are booking through the flight website or the mobile application. Membership in an airline loyalty program also enables you to take advantage of member-specific price promotions before you book your ticket.

Last Second Bidding

But if your travel dates are still within the near future and flight fares have not declined to your desired levels, then you don't need to despair. You can also place bids for purchasing the remaining airlines inventory at a low price within the last moments. On OTA sites, try to look for specialty areas such as last-minute or hot deals. Some OTAs also have a feature through which customers can put a bid on the unsold seats without providing any name for the bid. Be sure to try your luck with red-eye or off-season travel like peak travel season during summer to have a better shot at these great offers.

Use Coupons and Cashback

Go online and look for relevant coupon code offers for flight bookings among the prominent OTAs. Some credible coupon websites include RetailMeNot, CouponCabin, and Honey is some of the coupon websites. Also, use the cashback sites such as rebates to get a portion of the amount that you paid for booking as cashback rewards. Other relevant measures of service quality that also contribute to reducing overall ticket prices include credit card points and air miles.


Flights are one of the things that you should never book before thinking twice and buying them at the full price. So next time you are planning travel, do not fret about the high airfares but rather get your hands on the following tips that can make your travel cheaper. Use the creative measures and variable options above such as: being flexible, using airline miles, taking connection flights, and bidding, all together to ensure that you get the lowest possible prices for your tickets for all your future journeys. Good luck in your seeking and chasing of joy and adventure for cheap!

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