How to get huge discounts on flights?

  • Jul 10, 2024
How to get huge discounts on flights?

Ways to Get the Best Bird for Free

What makes this often a costly affair is that booking a flight involves paying for the distance covered as well as the international tariffs. Although for flights, there are options to get these at a very cheap price if you know where to look and can be a little flexible with the dates you are willing to travel. But, there are a few tricks and tips that can help you to get cheap airline tickets which can cost a few hundred dollars less.

If possible, be willing to change the dates and times that one has to travel to avoid roadblocks.

Another way to find a cheap flight is to compromise both the date and time of travel as this will lead to lower charges. Flight fares usually tend to be slightly higher during specified peak travel days, such as a Friday or Sunday. If possible, try to leave on less traveled days such as Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday. Traveling during the day of the holiday, for instance, Thanksgiving Day, or Christmas Day also brings down the fare rates greatly.

Also, you may consider traveling during the less crowded times to reduce the chances of being infected. Domestic flight tickets that are booked in the early morning and late at night are relatively cheaper than those during the day because not many people prefer to travel during those hours. There are always early birds or delayed plane schedules that offer unbelievably low prices.

Promote Airlines, Sales, and Coupon Codes

It is important to also note that most airlines will at some time carry out their major flight sales during their off-peak season. As a result, make sure to subscribe to airline loyalty programs, so you can be informed of any offers they may have in the future. One should also check on their social media pages for special deals on promo codes. Even other third-party travel booking sites such as Orbitz and Expedia may sometimes provide specific codes to be input which you could combine with the usual site-wide coupon codes which are also usually available to be used to get even more additional savings above the existing flight offers. Go through coupon websites, specifically RetailMeNot, as they update their codes before you proceed with booking.

If you are thinking of using your partner's phone to check the price of a product, it is advisable to use the Private Browsing feature.

Before booking any flights, it is recommended to make your search using your browser’s private or incognito modes. If you are using travel booking sites, the websites follow your browsing activities and they tend to raise the prices a little if they perceive that you are actively seeking the mentioned routes. They do not want to be able to identify you as the same person across multiple searches and pricing stays on point if a new window is opened as a private window.

Be Flexible with Airports

If starting the journey from a large city with more than one airport, look for flights from all the airports in the city. It was realised that at times the fares at one airport can be much cheaper than the other even after including the cost of ground transportation. For instance, flying out of a less busy regional airport, such as Midway in Chicago as opposed to a busier international hub like O’Hare can result in several hundred dollars in savings. If you are not fussy about the distance you will also be able to travel to other nearby cities’ airports. That means flying out of an airport that is about 1-2 hours away can lower the overall costs significantly. It is important to only add the cost of transport such as parking, rental cars, or even a taxi to the general cost when determining who is cheaper.

Use Flight Comparison Sites

In place of visiting one carrier’s website to compare prices, use flight search engines such as Kayak, Momondo, Skyscanner, and Google Flights where you can find offers from various airlines, departure airports, and dates at the same time. Others are dedicated sites that collect info from other airlines, hotel booking sites, and other travel portals and enable you to sort out flights according to the cheapest fare that meets your preferred route and preferred time. Pro tip: Do not click directly on the comparison sites to assist you in making your flight bookings. They will impose a range of additional charges. Instead, they can be used for research purposes and one should book directly through the airline’s website that has the best offer.

To Keep Up with the Changing Fare Structure, Sign up for Fare Alerts

Once you have set your preferred dates for travel, create notifications from the airline companies of your choice as well as flying offers and promotions websites such as Scott’s Cheap Flights. It means if there are some sales on this specific fare, you will receive email alerts so that you can quickly grab these offers before everyone else. It is incredible that some travel hacking gurus even advise people to set fare alerts even for several months before they plan on flying – even if they don’t intend to buy at that time. That way, if there is a superb offer of a cheap fare, you would be able to book it first, and then rearrange the other schedules.

Miles from Rewards Cards still have to be used. Also, the best way of gaining a huge discount on flights is by the use of travel rewards credit cards. The airline travel cards provide the new cardholders with incentives of points and air miles ranging from a couple of hundred that can be redeemed on flight bookings. While banks offer very competitive rates of interest and charges, these differ significantly so please check the terms carefully and calculate charges before proceeding with any of these options. If you already frequently utilize rewards credit cards, ensure that you are using those with flexibility as well as open points to those in the airline’s mileage program, and not the other way round. Flexible travel rewards points such as Chase Ultimate Rewards may be transferred to several partner airline and hotel rewards programs. This allows you to maximize the possibility of using the points to pay for free travel.

Price Notification and Refund

Surprisingly, one can still follow the price changes even after having purchased a ticket and it may even turn out that it is cheaper to fly after the purchase has been made. Carriers and selling platforms may change ticket prices before the planned travel of the level of activity. Price drop is another common problem usually addressed by your airline or booking provider who will offer a travel credit or refund for the difference. For tracking, Google Flights has provided post-booking alert features to make the process easier. If the price drops, they will contact you to inform you so that you can call in to take advantage of the new cheaper fare. Most airlines, including Southwest, are willing to guarantee that will pay the price difference automatically if the rates drop after the booking.

Consider Hidden City Ticketing

The last one is another famous but prohibited kind of travel hacking known as hidden city ticketing, which is appropriate for finding enormous flight discounts in some cases. Depending upon the plans and the interests of a traveler, the concept is as follows: Booking an itinerary for a flight with a connection point but exiting at the connection city instead of the final destination of the flight being booked. For instance, a round trip LA-Seattle with a connection in Portland can cost $300, yet a direct LA to Portland flight will cost $600. For instance, you could book a flight from LA to Seattle and then just get off the airplane in Portland, and you will pay three hundred dollars less than the price of the direct flight.

This approach however has its shortcomings which include the likelihood of losing the second leg of your intended plan. However, it assists in doing some research on the risks that may occur when trying to do hidden city ticketing.

I hope these tips provide enough options for planning your next trip and finding some great deals for your flights! The dress: With flexible timing, sales, and rewards, tracking prices can result in hundreds of savings. Happy (cheap) travels!

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