How to avoid Delta bag fee?

  • Jul 09, 2024
How to avoid Delta bag fee?

The information provided above can help to avoid Delta Bag Fees.
Nowadays, the actual price displayed when booking a flight does not contain the basic fare only and also does not include the fee for checked baggage. Almost all the major carriers in the world and including Delta Air Lines, there is a policy that they have put in place whereby passengers are required to pay for checked luggage unless the passenger meets the required criteria for free checked luggage. Delta’s checked luggage policies also include charging $30 for the first checked baggage and a range of $40-$150 for additional or oversize baggage on domestic flights. Flights across borders attract other costs which are incurred alongside the basic prices quoted above.

Still, there are several routes that smart travelers can take to ensure that they do not pay checked baggage fees on Delta flights. Here are the top tips:Here are the top tips:

1. Incline for fee exemption

Delta offers a few checked baggage fee waivers for select customers:Delta offers a few checked baggage fee waivers for select customers:

- Domestic baggage check for one piece is allowed for both Delta Medallion members and the SkyMiles American Express card holders. It is valid for the cardholder with up to 8 accompanying guests on the same booking.

- This policy allows up to five bags for the active duty of the U. S militaries and their dependents to check for free within the domestic flights. To ensure that only active duty personnel attend, you must present valid active duty identification at the time of registration.

- The Delta One ticket holder is to be granted free check-in of up to two bags with a maximum weight of 70 pounds each.

If you are among those, remember to present the qualification ID or payment card at check-in to avail the free bags.

2. Make a reservation through Delta Vacations Package

Delta Vacations’ flight and hotel packages come with specific advantages such as checked baggage fees for one checked luggage per passenger. Which is why the mere elimination of those checking two bags for a family of four could save you $240 roundtrip! Thus, it could be worthwhile to book a Delta package deal in case you were going to spend money on a hotel.

3. Travel International in Delta One

For Delta One business class tickets on international routes, two checked bags each weighing 70lbs are allowed with no extra costs. If one can get these at a discount from a business class, then those free bags can be quite cost effective especially when one is traveling with his family to another country.

4. Try to book with a Delta SkyMiles Credit Card

Delta SkyMiles Platinum, Gold, and Silver AMEX card membership provide cardholders and up to 7 companions the benefit of one free checked bag on domestic Delta flights. . delta’amex card To receive this offer, you and your travel squad each get one waiver of checked baggage fee, as long as the flight ticket was bought using the Delta Amex card.

5. To eliminate the fees you have to pack smartly and make sure that your luggage is exactly within the airline’s size and weight restrictions.

Thus, to avoid paying for the checked bag fees by Delta, it is easiest to never check a bag at all! Each Delta flyer allows for one free checked bag measuring up to 23” x 16” x 10” and one personal item such as a purse or backpack in addition to on board carry on luggage measuring 22” x 14” x 9”.

Take versatile, space-saving clothes such as quick-drying merino wool t-shirts, hiking trousers with zippers, and a compact puffy jacket for cold airplane interiors. If possible, the largest items of clothing, such as shoes, sneakers, or boots, should be worn during flights. Keep personal items such as toiletries in containers that are in 100ml/3oz or below sizes.

By being smart and packing only the essentials in small form fitting clothes, one can travel for more than a week with only a carry-on bag. No having to wait and struggle with baggage carts and overburdened baggage claim belts when going bag-free!

6. Enjoy $0 Transaction Fees with a Delta Co-Branded Credit Card

Delta: The Delta miles credit cards give the card holder a free check- in of one bag for domestic flights and the other perk is getting a refund for the other bags that one has to pay for!

The Delta SkyMiles Gold, Platinum and Reserve American Express card provide benefits that include checked bag fee credits. While the entry Gold card allows for one bag, the Platinum and Reserve cards allow the owner up to four bags’ worth of fees. Being able to take a bag and get it paid for and then get credit back later is essentially an interest-free loan of the bag fees.

7. Share Luggage with Companions

It lets passengers flying under the same booking with one ticket check their baggage under one person’s ticket number. For instance, although a family of three might have three bags, they could check all these under the ticket of the mother to avoid paying fees on the extra pieces. Passengers traveling with friends can also manage to check in their belongings in groups and share the costs incurred on fees of additional bags.

The only thing everyone should remember is to always have receipts on hand, just in case a bag goes missing or is left behind so that the person whose name is on the luggage can file a report or claim.

8. Check with Your Credit Card Company if They have Baggage Insurance

Moreover, Delta has its own co-branded credit cards where the various travel rewards cards include the coverage of checked baggage fees as their card benefits. For instance, the Chase Sapphire Reserve and the Citi Prestige both offer up to $100 in credit annually for airline fees per cardholder. A few airline and general travel cards also include free checked bags as benefits.

Before setting off on your Delta flights, refer to the complete guide to your credit card benefits to know if your card provides coverage for baggage. The fact that it does helps partially offset Delta’s bag fees.

9. Quality for Delta Fee Waivers Via Your Organization or Credit Card

If you frequently travel for business and you are a Delta flyer, check with your employer to see if they have made arrangements to avoid some of the fees. Most large companies today are known to cut down their expenditure by millions of dollars every year on flight fees such as checked baggage fees incurred during business or employee air travel. You can get free checked baggage, just to name one, if you are a booking with your corporate travel code.

A few credit cards have the feature that they allow customers to check bags for free on Delta using points to pay for the actual tickets. For instance, select American Express and Citi ThankYou points cards” provide this waiver. As for points programs, be sure your current points program lets you avoid these Delta baggage annoyances.

10. Book Basic Economy for Short Trips

Another drawback of choosing Delta’s Basic Economy fare is the lack of free checked baggage allowance and $60 fee for the first checked bag on the domestic routes. But even with this upcharge, it’s significantly cheaper than if you were to book, let’s say, a Main Cabin ticket if you won’t need any luggage services at all.

For one person’s spontaneous travel that lasts up to a week, Basic Economy can save compared to even very short flights, such as Atlanta to Orlando or Los Angeles to San Francisco. Although, it does come with a caveat: before you decide to purchase that non-refundable ticket, ensure that you can indeed travel with just a carry-on.

There are numerous strategies that one can employ to ensure that they do not pay for a flight at all.

Travelling Delta means that you don’t have to be robbed by the airlines with their exorbitant charges associated with checking on bags. As viewed from the strategies enumerated above, ranging from the qualification for waivers to splitting the load bearing of the luggage, you can legally dodge most charges. Pack sensibly, opt to check as often as possible, and keep more of your money in your pocket rather than giving it to the airlines!