Does Delta have WiFi?

  • Jul 09, 2024
Does Delta have WiFi?

Does Delta Have WiFi?

It is quite convenient if you can have internet connection during your flight especially if flying with Delta airlines; WiFi could be of great help. Many travelers in today’s world expect even the most fundamental, base level of Wi-Fi connection when they travel. So is there WiFi on Delta flights in other words is WiFi available on Delta?

The short answer is yes – while Delta does provide in-flight WiFi internet services on most of its domestic airplanes. But it’s worth mentioning that availability, speeds, price and the amount of data included can significantly differ from flight to flight, by the type of the aircraft and by the class of the seat offer.

Delta WiFi Availability

As of 2023, Delta has provided WiFi connectivity for more than 700 aircraft in its mainline fleets. This is approximately 85% of Delta’s domestic narrow-body fleet, which the airline aims to modernize and expand to compete with growing ULCCs and LCCs. Domestic flights are more likely than international ones to have WiFi available on board, so chances are high that your flight will indeed have WiFi.

Regarding the availability of WiFi on flights operated by partners on international as well as regional carrier flights, it significantly reduces to 25% to 50% chances and therefore your possibilities to find Wi-Fi on Delta’s inflight are slim if you fly outside North America.

Delta mainly has Gogo inflight internet for internet connectivity and Panasonic Avionics for WiFi on the aircrafts. Any route over 800 miles in most of its airplanes, they try to at least offer basic connectivity in the coaches. However, there are aircraft of older models that may still be missing WiFi antenna and there is no certainty that you will be given access.

When making a flight booking the information will be provided in the booking page of either Delta. com or the Fly Delta app, whether the flight has WiFi or not. This is the best way to ensure that the WiFi is accessible before you set out on your trip.

The WiFi speeds and data provided by Delta airline differ depending on the traveler’s destination and the fare class purchased.

You have to understand that Inflight WiFi is not something that is going to be as fast or as good as a fixed-line broadband connection such as the cable or fiber optic internet connection. However, WiFi speeds offered by Delta are rather acceptable for general internet surfing, emails, and occasional streaming.

Currently Gogo 2Ku or Panasonic Ka bandwidth technology has been installed in most Delta WiFi enabled aircraft. This means that internet speeds of about 15-50 Mbs can be attained while at cruising altitude. However, in the best case scenario with good satellite connection, several tens of seconds, it is possible to get over 100 Mbps bursts.

To give some perspective, standard definition video streaming uses bandwidth between 3 and 5 Mbps while high definition video employs a bandwidth of 5 to 10 Mbps. Therefore, as seen above, Delta’s WiFi speeds should suffice for the vast majority of internet activities except for extremely high bandwidth ones such as video conferencing or downloading very large files.

Mobile data has also been on an upward trend especially for WiFi connections where data allowances have been enhanced. Texting in Delta flights is also free when using approved apps that include iMessage, WhatsApp as well as Facebook Messenger in the course of the flight.

For browsing the internet, Delta offers each flight a set data allotment that varies by the distance flown and seating class purchased:For browsing the internet, Delta offers each flight a set data allotment that varies by the distance flown and seating class purchased:

- The short haul economy class flight that takes not more than 2 hours in the air to be awarded 100MB free
- Those traveling on long haul economy class flights are given 250MB for free.
- The first class and Delta One tickets are offered 500 MB – 1 GB free of charge.

Although these inflight data caps appear rather small in the age of unlimited mobile data allowances, they are quite reasonable for the length of the individual and every flight. You can always buy more data in 300MB bundles when necessary, at a cost between $3 and $5 per bundle.

Delta WiFi Prices & Packages

Free WiFi without access to the internet is provided for all passengers to access the Delta inflight portal, route map, and use iMessage/WhatsApp. However, to have the full access to the World Wide Web, which is available on the airplane, one has to buy an inflight WiFi pass from Delta.

WiFi pricing with Delta just depends to a great extent on the flight’s duration and your class of travel. Single use fares can be bought for one hour, one day, or more, while flight segment passes are valid for just one flight or a 24-hour journey. Typical Delta WiFi prices are:Typical Delta WiFi prices are:

- Hour Pass: Main Cabin costs $5 and First Class, $4.
- Day Pass: This averages out to $19 for Main Cabin and $17 for First Class.
- Route Pass: It cost $8 for Main Cabin and $6 for First Class.
- 24-Hour Trip Pass: $11 in main cabin and $9 in first class.

As for the actual difference between first and business class flyers, the latter get a slightly lower price for WiFi. Complimentary internet facility is also listed as one of the exclusive privileges that comes with Delta One as well as international business class tickets.

WiFi passes are avails for purchase using credit card or SkyMiles on the Delta app or on the inflight portal. Daily and weekly passes are also now available as well as monthly and annual subscription plans, which are especially affordable for individuals who fly Delta on a regular basis.

Some Useful Tips Regarding the WiFi on Delta

Here are some expert tips for getting the best WiFi experience when flying Delta:Here are some expert tips for getting the best WiFi experience when flying Delta:

- If you need more reliable WiFi connection during the flight, take the flights that are operated by Delta Airbus A350 or Boeing 767-400ER as they offer the latest bandwidth in the company.

- To get the best signal, choose a position that is closer to front which is also closer to where the WiFi antennas of the aircraft are installed.

- Use airplane mode + WiFi ON to connect, as it will give you less distraction notifications than if you use mobile data.

- reserved activities such as data intensive activities including streaming of videos should be done when the plane is on the ground but not yet airborne or when it is preparing for landing.

- Take advantage of free iMessage and WhatsApps in Delta and keep your iPhone from consuming your limited WiFi data.

- Avoid making trips hourly as the fares tend to be cheaper when you buy the full 24 hours trip pass.

- If connection appears to be slow, attempt to access it during flight when over the water instead of over heavily populated landmasses.

One thing that technology has done for modern aviation, which is very important, is the offering of inflight WiFi services. All things considered, Delta really does a good enough job of making WiFi as avaiable and affordable as it is for flying. As long as one does not expect to be surfing the internet at broadband speeds or downloading/re-uploading data at broadband speeds, WiFi will go a long way in making a passenger’s time in an airplane quite enjoyable and productive.