Does Delta have free tvs?

  • Jul 09, 2024
Does Delta have free tvs?

Yes, free TVs were offered to Delta customers several years ago.

In general, the majority of people pay attention to the ticket price and other aspects ranging from seating preference to charges for carrying bags in the airplane. In-flight entertainment is usually not given much priority in any decision making. But free movies, TV shows, games, and alike certainly would make a massive difference in passenger’s perception of whether the flight was fun or not on longer flight routes.

Therefore, do Delta, one of the biggest airlines in the United States, provide free movies in the airplane? Keep on reading to know more about what Delta offers when it comes to TV, among other options for entertainment when on a flight.

Delta's In-Flight Entertainment Options

Free entertainment on the Delta flights is also available on most of the flights that the company offers. This consists of free television programs, films, video games and music which are either available on the over-head consoles or can be downloaded to passengers’ own gadgets through wireless connections.

However, it’s important to know that depending on the type of aircraft and the route, the type, and the number of entertainment programs provided by Delta can also differ. Like all flights operated by Delta on its domestic narrow-body aircrafts, most of the aircrafts have an individual entertainment screen at each seat. However, if you are flying on a regional jet under the Delta Connection, then there might not be any individual seat back TV and very few or no free in-flight TV or entertainment options.

However, wide-body aircrafts which Delta employs in its international and coastal operations tend to boast the most comprehensive entertainment systems with big seat-back screens and expansive libraries of on-demand television programs, flicks and other content. You will usually get more entertainment options on these longer flights From one research, we learn that.

What Is Free and What Is Not: Movies and Television Programs Available for Watching on In-Flight Transportation

If your flight does offer seatback screens, Delta has a library of entertainment it calls Delta Studio that is available inflight. Here you can find a great number of movies and shows available for viewing without any restriction or payment.

Delta Studio typically includes:

- Hollywood first-run movies to classics, independents, and foreign films with a potential of 300-400 movies.

- Over 300 episodes of accomplished shows, comedies, dramas, and HBO series and specials

- Children’s programming inclusive of Disney series, animation programs, and movies to entertain the young ones.

- A single music library with wide varieties of music styles and playlists

- Movies that can be accessed via the seat back screens or which are comparable to video games.

- Movies featured for different regions and for international consumption such as Indian movies, K-dramas, anime, Bollywood movies, and many others.

- For some newer, longer international routes, free live satellite TV, but the choice of channels is much narrower than cable/satellite at home

What is not free is the area that offers on-demand video from a streaming provider such as Netflix or Hulu to mention but a few. Although Delta provides an opportunity to link these accounts to your inflight system, you would require a subscription to both of these streaming services to access and play full libraries.

Delta’s in-flight entertainment is one of the most popular among passengers, and accessing it is quite easy, though the process may vary depending on the type of entertainment offered by Delta.

When in the aircrafts that have the seatback screens, which run the Delta Studio system, using entertainment is quite easy. Once you get to a steady, or cruising, altitude you can manipulate every function directly through a touchscreen monitor mounted on the panel. You may choose a remote if you wish to though.

However, if screens aren’t available, that’s okay, it doesn’t always have to be done. You can still have entertainment of using your own device and getting the content streamed to you for free. All one has to do is sign on to Delta’s in-flight Wi-Fi system and then click on a browser and then go on to click the entertainment web page where the shows, movies and others are found. It can stream directly to phone, tablet, and laptops. Do not forget that you are still to pay for your own data charges when using mobile data while in mid-flight instead of using the plane’s provided Wi-Fi.

One drawback is that typically you cannot use your devices with the Delta Studio library until the flight is at 10,000 feet. Therefore, you have to download programs, podcasts, playlists, and similar to listen to them during taxi and takeoff.

Entertainment for Everyone: Low, Medium and High-Amenity Ticket Holders

In particular, the company does not limit the subject of free inflight entertainment based on users’ ticket price tier. Every main cabin and delta comfort plus coach passengers are equally afforded the opportunity to view the same films, TV, and other content at no extra charge. Entertainment, Wi-Fi, and larger video screens are available in first class Fly Delta One suites, but it applies here as well.

Therefore, if you have booked a Basic Economy ticket, you will still be able to enjoy free movies and shows on your plane trip from the Delta Studio planes. This perk is not only the higher fares as a passenger but is also available in many other forms.

Other charges that can be associated with most international carriers are also not charged for accessing any of the contents once on board. However, the inflight Wi-Fi does involve a charge if the person wishes to surf the internet or other connectivity. But again, as explained earlier, delta’s entertainment options are some of the things that you can watch without any extra charge.

Bottom Line

Importantly having entertainment makes even the worst flights seem less so regardless of what the flights are doing or how long they are. Delta offers a good structure on main line aircraft and has been enhancing the content and technology of the system annually.

Thus, though specific facilities may depend on the type of the plane as well as the ticket purchased with Delta, all passengers are offered free inflight TV shows, films, games and music to make their flight as pleasant as possible. It is however important to ascertain your expectations with regard to route and aircraft, especially when flying Delta Connection as the selection is quite limited on regional aircrafts.

So, if you know what are the terms of getting free entertainment on Delta before you book the flight, then it can be a good option for you.