Does Delta give free headphones?

  • Jul 09, 2024
Does Delta give free headphones?

If you are a passenger on a Delta flight, while you might not be able to have your meals on time, one of the minor things that may make your journey more enjoyable is watching the entertainment on your screen. Nevertheless, to maximize the experience of watching the newer released movies, and TV shows, listening to the newest hit songs, and much more, a good pair of headphones would indeed make a big difference. The following question comes to the lips of many travelers - is it possible to get free headphones on Delta flights?

The short answer is yes, sometimes Delta does provide free headphones in the economy, but it is not a regular occurrence. Here is a breakdown of the Delta headphone policy and how you can carry your headphones on the plane or buy new ones on board.

Delta's Headphone Policy

Free headphones are not warranted by Delta for passengers traveling in economy class. Nevertheless, on many non-noise canceling domestic connecting flights within the United States, Delta does offer complimentary, non-noise canceling headphones. These are disposable headphones that passengers are free to take with them when getting off the aircraft.

In Delta international flights as well as cross-country overnight flights, Delta had a tradition of providing complimentary headphones. However, in 2016 Delta stopped offering free headphones on their international economy-class flights due to costs and environmental concerns. Therefore, if you are in economy class on an international flight or a red-eye flight, it would be advisable not to look forward to getting free headphones!

However, while Delta One suites and Delta Premium Select cabins are long-haul international and domestic fully-flat seats, Delta does offer better quality noise canceling headphones on a complimentary basis. These headphones are taken by the crew as they prepare to land.

Is It Possible to Use My Headphones?

Delta and other airlines may offer headphones in economy class, but frequent travelers to this airline understand that they should bring their headphones. Some headphones are offered for free and they are very plain and may not give the quality of sound that you prefer. Bringing your headphones enables you to have advanced sound quality and comfort regardless of the entertainment you are going for.

I am happy to report that yes, it is perfectly acceptable to bring your headphones on Delta airplanes. You are welcome to use your headphones to listen to the entertainment offered in the gym across classes.

Please ensure that your headphones use a regular 3. 5 mm headphone jack so it can fit in the armrest entertainment outlet. Earphones that rest over your ears and seal to the ears also can drown out the plane noise and rumbles thus can watch your movies or listen to more music despite the plane noise. Noise-canceling headphones are particularly effective with this in mind, particularly when used during flights.

Remember that on most flights, power outlets in the seat are not an option in economy cabins. Therefore, if you have noise-canceling or wireless headphones, ensure they are charged fully before boarding the flight in case they run out of charge mid-honeymoon call.

On My Delta Flight, Is It Possible to Buy Headphones?

What if one day, you left your headphones at home or the ones provided are just terrible? Not to worry. You will get to learn that the headphones that you need during your Delta flight can be easily purchased too, all you need to do is order the same from the flight attendant. Selection and pricing vary by the type of flight: Selection and pricing vary by the type of flight:

Deltas economy for domestic use – for about USD 3, they provide ordinary, non-noise canceling earphone-type headphones.
International economy class – Delta provides an internationally focused noise-reducing headset for its international flights and has a complimentary adapter of the dual prong. The price is roughly $3 to $5 for USD.
First-class –better-quality sets are similar to the international economy-class headsets and can be procured for approximately USD 5.
: Delta One Suite and Premium Select cabin – Noise-canceling headsets are available to purchase for about $100-300 USD, depending on availability.

If you are in a situation where you do not have your headphones in mid-flight on Delta, all you need to do is to attract the attention of any flight attendant you come across and ask them where you can purchase one. This is especially convenient as compared to having to wander around the airport and attempt to find a set of headphones after you are already on the plane.

Pro Tip: Shout Break The Cycle With Your Smartphone Headphones

If you do not have headphones packed and you do not want to spend even a few dollars to buy a cheap headset on the flight, fear not. You most certainly do - the earphones that came with your iPhone or Android smartphone will do just fine :)

As indicated above, Delta in-flight entertainment systems have jacks that are standard 3. 5mm and can connect to most headphone jacks from branded manufacturers. Therefore, you can simply unplug your iPhone or Android headphones from the device and plug them into the seatback screen directly. The only catch is, don't forget them when you disembark from the plane!

The Bottom Line

Although Delta Airlines does continue to provide standard headphones on economy flights free of charge on most domestic flights, these are not available on international flights or come with quality noise-reducing sound. To get the best entertainment experience up high, your wise-up decision is to bring your over-ear, noise-isolating, or noise-canceling headphones. This will help you get improved quality of sound and better comfort throughout the flight. It is convenient to have an option to buy headphones on the flight or to use the Apple/Samsung earphones in case of necessity.

By following these tips, it will help to ensure that you do not have any headphone issues when flying with Delta in the future. That way, you know you have your perfect pair to plug in and get your entertainment fix before you jet off to the next destination!

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