Does Delta give free checked bags internationally?

  • Jul 10, 2024
Does Delta give free checked bags internationally?

Is Checked Baggage Free for International Flights with Delta?

Carrying bags when traveling internationally can be costly, especially with the airlines, and this is one area that can be improved. Fees for checked luggage differ with most major airline companies levying such charges on international tickets and with the first bag costing about $30$40 per route on average. However, policies and fees differ from OneCity and other airlines and types of fares. Based on the information above, does Delta Air Lines have free checked bags on international flights? Let me give you a brief insight into the following.

Delta Airlines traveling policy on International Checked Bag Allowances

This depends on the class of your international ticket, your SkyMiles membership level, the type of credit card you used to buy the ticket, or any other circumstances. This involves international routes as a whole including transatlantic transport between Europe and the United States.

These fees apply to Delta's basic economy fares and state that the first checked bag costs $60 while the second checked costs $100 on international flights only.

For the mainstream economy fares, free baggage allowance includes one checked baggage only while the second check-in baggage is allowed for $100. This applies to both BLue Basic and Blue fare types.

The value of free baggage allowance per trip is also higher in Delta One business class as well as in the first class, whereby customers are allowed to check in three 70-pound bags for free. Delta Premium Select passengers are given a free checked luggage allowance of 50 pounds each, two of them.

Promotional Free Checked Bag Advantage for Elite Passengers

Delta Elite status members receive the following free checked bag allowances on international flights: Delta Elite status members receive the following free checked bag allowances on international flights:

  • This is because Diamond Medallion members get the privilege of carrying three free bags with a limit of seventy pounds each.
  • Platinum Medallion members also get two complimentary 70-pound bags.
  • In the case of Gold Medallion, they are entitled to one free 70-pound bag.
  • It is also important to note that, for instance, Silver Medallion members are allowed only one free 50-pound baggage.
  • This means that members holding these types of fares known as basic economy tickets will not have the opportunity to get free bags based on their status.

Delta SkyMiles status: If you are already a SkyMiles medallion, then extra free checked bags for your ticket type are also allowed besides the normal allowance.

Airline Credit Cards that Allow for Free Checked Baggage

If you pay for the flight with a credit card, some let you check one or more complimentary baggage. For the round journey on an international airline, this will save sixty bucks.

These Delta credit cards provide this benefit: These Delta credit cards provide this benefit:

For customers, the Delta SkyMiles Platinum American Express Card has some outstanding value.
Platinum Business MasterCard for Delta SkyMiles
Delta Sky Miles Reserve American Express Card American Express provided the Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express Card, a credit card that lets the cardholder accumulate SkyMiles, which may be used for flights and other prizes and offers various advantages and statuses.
Delta SkyMiles Reserve Card for Business American Express

When one books the Main Cabin or Comfort+ ticket, almost all these cards make the first checked bag free. For one trip, delta one-tiered cards provide up to two free checked baggage permitted per passenger. The free bags policy covers markets both domestically and internationally.

Usually, one must purchase the tickets straight using the appropriate card to qualify for this option. This implies that one cannot gain a free pass on luggage fees by just owning one of these cards. One should be thoroughly familiar with the policies of his or her card because every card has certain terms that are normally offered.

Partner Airline Policies

Delta often relies on codeshare arrangements with other international airlines to transfer passengers between certain locations when it is traveling abroad. Other airline partners, including Air France, KLM, Virgin Atlantic, and Aeromexico, may apply different baggage fees.

If your connecting flight is on a partner airline rather than a Delta flight, it will be necessary to check whether and how many free checked bags are allowed depending on the fare type. It's important to note, that specific policies of the partner airline company can be distinct from Delta concerning the similar fare and level of elite status. It helps to check that there are no hidden charges that may be required at the airport in addition to the flight charges.

Here are some tips to save on baggage fees while traveling internationally:

Here are some tips for avoiding expensive checked bag charges when flying internationally with Delta

Choose a fare class where either 1 or 2 checked bags are allowed free of charge such as Main Cabin or Delta Premium Select.
Continue to achieve Delta elite status for the free bags that come each year
Bring along a Delta credit card that may provide 12 free checked bags.
It is better to bring only carryons so that there is no need to check the bags.
Some people travel with many bags so they should consider sharing luggage with a friend or a loved one to bring down the overall number of bags.
Online fees for paying bags are generally cheaper than the fees charged at the airport, and therefore it is advisable to pay for the fees online in advance.
Determine if it is more cost-effective to pay for additional checked bags vs. Delta overweight charges

Although basic economy tickets are not without high checked baggage fees, Delta offers the chance to check in one or more bags on international flights without an extra cost. These allowances which are available for you depending on the fare class, status level, or credit card can save you up to $120 round trip when traveling abroad. All these policies should be considered before buying international flights on Delta to get an overall low price for your journey.

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