What terminal is delta airlines in detroit?

  • Oct 06, 2023
What terminal is delta airlines in detroit?

When you're planning a trip, one of the essential pieces of information you need is your departure and arrival terminals at the airport. If you're flying with Delta Airlines and your journey involves a layover or a destination in Detroit, you might be wondering which terminal Delta operates from at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW). In this article, we'll provide you with the answers you need and explore what amenities and services you can expect while in the Delta terminals.

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport Overview

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, commonly known as DTW, is one of the busiest airports in the United States, serving as a major hub for Delta Airlines. It's located approximately 20 miles southwest of downtown Detroit and offers travelers a range of amenities and services.

Delta Airlines at DTW

Delta Airlines operates from two main terminals at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport: McNamara Terminal (Terminal 1) and North Terminal (Terminal 2). Each terminal provides a unique experience for travelers.

McNamara Terminal (Terminal 1)

The McNamara Terminal is a hub for Delta Airlines, and it's known for its impressive architecture and modern facilities. Here, you'll find:

Delta Sky Club

The Delta Sky Club lounge offers a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for Delta passengers. You can enjoy complimentary snacks, beverages, and Wi-Fi access while waiting for your flight.

Retail and Dining

McNamara Terminal boasts a wide range of shops and restaurants, allowing you to shop for souvenirs, grab a quick meal, or enjoy fine dining.

North Terminal (Terminal 2)

The North Terminal is another option for Delta passengers. Here's what you can expect:

Concourse D

Delta Airlines operates from Concourse D in the North Terminal. This concourse features various services and amenities, including shops, dining options, and seating areas.

Security and Immigration

Be sure to arrive at the North Terminal with ample time for security checks and immigration procedures. Like all major airports, security is a priority.

How to Determine Your Terminal

To find out which terminal your Delta Airlines flight will depart from or arrive at in Detroit, there are a few steps to follow:

  1. Check your booking confirmation: The terminal information is often included in your booking confirmation or e-ticket.
  2. Ask at the check-in counter: If you're unsure, the Delta Airlines check-in counter at the airport can provide you with the necessary information.
  3. Visit the airport website or app: Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport's official website and mobile app offer real-time flight information, including terminal details.


Knowing which terminal Delta Airlines uses in Detroit is crucial for a smooth travel experience. McNamara Terminal (Terminal 1) and North Terminal (Terminal 2) offer different amenities and services, so it's essential to plan accordingly. Check your booking information, inquire at the check-in counter, or use the airport's website or app to determine your terminal. Regardless of which terminal you use, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport strives to provide passengers with a pleasant and efficient journey.

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  1. Is Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport easy to navigate?

    • Yes, the airport provides clear signage and information to help passengers navigate efficiently.
  2. Can I walk between McNamara Terminal and North Terminal?

    • Yes, there is a shuttle service and a walkway that connects the two terminals.
  3. Do I need a Delta Sky Club membership to access the lounge in McNamara Terminal?

    • Yes, Delta Sky Club lounges typically require a membership or day pass for access.
  4. How early should I arrive at the airport for a Delta Airlines flight in Detroit?

    • It's recommended to arrive at least two hours before your domestic flight and three hours before international flights.
  5. Are there hotels near Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport?

    • Yes, several hotels are located near the airport, offering convenient accommodation options for travelers.