Can you text on Delta flights?

  • Jul 09, 2024
Can you text on Delta flights?

Is Texting Allowed on Delta Flight?

Given that air travel is now so popular, a lot of travelers need to have their various communication needs met including to be able to text or use Blackberry, email, or browse the internet while on the plane. Regarding Delta Air Lines, let me also highlight some details on their inflight texting and internet connectivity that may be useful to know.

Is Inflight Texting Allowed On Delta Airline and What is Their Stance On The Same?

Delta’s official stance is that texting capabilities are available on their flights through the inflight WiFi if the flight in question is equipped with it. Thus, it has been found that the function of texting is simply a matter of whether or not your flight has web connectivity.

Of all Delta aircraft, all Airbus fleet, Boeing 757300 and 767400, and over 80% of 737 and 757200 facilitate WiFi. Their older domestic Boeing 757200 aircraft already have WiFi connectivity in the pipeline for an upgrade.

Yes, you can also text people on the ground if your Delta flight has WiFi and you buy internet connectivity, you may use messaging platforms such as iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and others. Of course, the old fashion of texting via your cellular provider might not work though since that uses cell towers, which you will not have a connection to when you are at 30,000 feet high.

How to Do Delta WiFi Texting and Internet Function in the Sky?

Delta has installed Viasat satellite-based internet on most of its mainline aircraft flying within the United States and all of its two-cabin regional jets. In some cases, domestic fliers may get Panasonic or Gogo equipment while their international flights require different equipment.

For all of them, all the WiFi services let passengers connect to an onboard WiFi signal with the help of their electronic devices in the same way as it is done on the ground using a WiFi hotspot. This inflight WiFi allows the passengers to use applications such as other instant messaging services, emailing, and normal web browsing and streaming of content.

The satellite systems that drive Delta WiFi are in the same way designed to connect with satellites floating above rather than require connection to cell towers on the ground below. This enables things like text messages and other information to be passed through like texts and other data while in midflight and not having access to cellular service.

Does Delta Allow Free Texting While on the Flight?

No, Delta does not provide free messaging via text or allow those with free wifi usage on board for passengers. Every texting ability depends on you buying internet on board, if it is not included in the price. They do, however, allow streaming of movies and shows from Delta Studio Entertainment even if passengers did not purchase WiFi.

Free Internet connectivity: Delta provides passengers with WiFi passes on all the flights with such facilities. Domestic flights normally have such packages as a $5 Mobile Messaging Pass which enables one to use the internet for 60 minutes but only for messaging. The other option is the 16$ Day Pass which allows general web browsing and streaming of videos.

When it comes to commercial flight distance and possible routes prices are to be discussed. International and interisland flights are slightly higher in price as compared to some domestic ones and some of the fares are also offered in a promotional manner for certain seasons or on some routes only.

There are, however, some questions about WiFi: in general, passengers are expected to spend at least several dollars, usually between five and twenty dollars, to enjoy the opportunity to text at 30,000 feet.

Which Delta Planes Have WiFi Connectivity That Enables Texting?

If the ability to have text through WiFi is of importance in your upcoming Delta flight then it is possible to ascertain from the type of aircraft used on the route that WiFi and texting are likely for your flight. As of 2023, here is a breakdown: As of 2023, here is a breakdown:

  • Airbus A220 Family: All the above cars come with onboard WiFi to ensure that everyone on board can connect to the internet.
  • Airbus A319: Out of all the libraries 90% were equipped with wifi.
  • Airbus A320 Family: All of them have WiFi, and most of them have satellite connections.
  • Airbus A321: Internet usage is also relatively high, as more than 85% of the population has Internet access
  • Airbus A330: 100% equipped with Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN).
  • Boeing 717200: While approximately 25% actively participated in its provision, about 75% empowered it.
  • Boeing 737 Family: More than 80% have WiFi capability
  • Boeing 757200: Some of them are undergoing the retrofitting process, and it is still in progress at the moment with approximately 50% completed.
  • Boeing 757300: All respondents said they have WiFi.
  • Boeing 767300: 92% of them are equipped with satellite connectivity supported by WiFi.
  • Boeing 767400ER: 100% claim to have a wireless internet connection.

Other than the aircraft type, probabilities such as systems failures or even aircraft being pulled down for maintenance, make 100% access probability unachievable. However, texting is now possible through WiFi on most of the Delta flights of today, particularly on the more popular routes.

Some ideas that have been as a result of linking the two flights include: International flights and international texting are two of the most important inventions that have ever been made in the history of the world.

However, one challenge that may arise is when you are traveling on a connecting flight that is operated by Delta Airlines. Connections are easy for domestic purposes to maintain the WiFi but suppose you are in Europe and want to go to the US or the other way round. That goes from cell towers to satellites and back for yours, meaning your messaging services may log off or need reconnection mid-travel.

Furthermore, while on Delta’s international routes, digital messages that are 100% dependent on data like iMessage are fine, plain international SMS texts can be either blocked or not supported. This depends, but several times, on international carriers, the text is possible only if one has an international plan with the cellular provider in question.

In Summary

In the end, apart from some domestic Boeing 757 and Boeing 717 planes, all Delta’s aircraft provide onboard WIFI. WiFi that costs per flight on a deal also entitles the passenger to free texting, emailing, and Internet browsing through most of the flight.

The standard solution of texts through the cellular plan of your phone may not send/receive well, or may not work at midflight though. Texting and instant messaging using applications is the most effective way of sustaining a conversation while aloft with Delta at 35 thousand feet. By using iMessage, Facebook’s Messenger, WhatsApp, and other intenders, Delta passengers can buy inflight WiFi to send texts regardless of the cell towers during most Delta flights today.

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