Are drinks on Delta free?

  • Jul 10, 2024
Are drinks on Delta free?

Are you allowed to take on board your drinks while on Delta flights?

It is almost a norm for most passengers to eagerly anticipate the moment they get to board the plane, particularly for a Delta flight, especially when it comes to being served a complimentary drink before takeoff. To answer the question of whether the beverages served in Delta are indeed free or there is a catch, the two articles have been analyzed. Here we have provided details of policies on offering alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks by Delta and what passengers flying on Delta can expect to receive.

Complimentary Non-Alcoholic Drinks

The good news is that all the items such as coffee and tea, soft drinks, etc. are free on all Delta flights. Following that, the crews of the flight attendants will come around with the trolleys containing soft drinks or water, juices, and hot and cold beverages that are offered complimentary.

This applies to all main cabin and Comfort+ seats on both domestic and international Delta flights booked directly through Delta or Delta Vacations. Therefore there is no harm in getting some food and drinks that can at least be taken without any charges.

Liquids: Beverages for Consumption by First Class Passengers

Another perk, if you are flying first class on a Delta flight, is that alcoholic beverages will be complimentary. The offered wines, beers, spirits, and other cocktails may range from bloody mary and margaritas to any other depending on the flight duration and the time of the flight.

For the first class flyers, the recipes for the premium alcoholic beverages are made with the help of Sommelier Garrett Kowalsky for Delta Airlines. The airline changes its menus cyclically and may have special options such as craft IPAs or luxury champagne at times.

This means that while the passengers in the coach will have to pay for the purchase of any alcohol, in the luxury first-class cabins, they can consume it free of charge.

Purchase On Board program for Main Cabin

But what about those other punters in the main cabin? The only fact that can be said about alcohol served by Delta Airlines is that passengers can buy it since Delta Airlines has a Buy on Board option. The options usually contain standard domestic beers that include Budweiser and Blue Moon, two forms of wine, and single bottles of liquor in shot sizes.

Typically, there is a cost of 7 to 9 dollars for each alcoholic beverage ordered, depending on the type. Some flyers believe that getting charged something like $8. 90 for a bottle that is almost a beer is relatively expensive. However, Delta argues that through the Buy on Board program they can provide more premiere offerings than just providing a plain domestic beer and wine for free in coach class.

You place the order with the flight attendant, you can pay using a credit/debit card or cash. It should be also noted that flight attendants are unable to make changes so sure you have the correct amount of money.

Are you looking for Drink Vouchers and Promotional Offers?

As for the main cabin alcoholic drinks, they are paid; though, Delta sometimes provides drink vouchers or some special offers. For instance, in situations where you have been delayed or have to change over to a different aircraft, free beers, wines, or cocktail vouchers may be offered to you.

Besides, there is a Happy Hour offer by Delta that is currently active for flights that have a distance of more than 250 miles where the price of the alcohol is $5 per each. Flights and timing to qualify for this offer are published every month at Delta. com/happhour.

So if you are flying coach on a longer Delta flight within the United States, it would help to look at their Happy Hour page. You could likely find a beer or glass of wine costing a little less than what you estimated.

Beverage choices depend on flight distance Between Detroit and Seattle, for instance, passengers are offered refreshments as compared to the Detroit-Orlando route where passengers are offered cocktails.

One thing that is worthy of mention is that the alcoholic beverages are offered by Delta either for purchase or for free depending on the duration of the flight. As much as it is possible, one should stick to the general understanding that shorter flights will have fewer choices while longer international flights will provide more choices for the consumer.

For instance, a Delta Comfort+ passenger who is flying from Los Angeles to New York will receive complimentary wine or beer and can purchase spirits or specialty cocktails. Yet a passenger in a similar category traveling from Atlanta to Orlando will only get beer and wine in the aircraft.

Carter's proposition, when beverage carts are restocked, flight distance is the largest variable that airlines rely on to make their choices. Moreover, more time on the air means that there is a call for more drink variation. So, no matter the distance of your flight, the guidelines for the beverages are, the longer the flight, the better the drinks to be served.

Some important baggage changes which you should bear in mind are as follows;

Another relevant detail is Delta's rules concerning consumables in general and alcohol in particular, provided that you are interested in the possibility of having your supplies of drinks on board and free of charge, together with their interactions with the baggage allowance system. Like other airlines, you are free to pack any alcoholic beverage provided it is not over 140 proof in your checked luggage.

However, for carry-on bags, the only alcohol permitted is that bought from duty-free shops in specific sealed bags offered in some international airports. So no taking along your bottles of vodka or small packs of six to consume in mid-air!

Altogether the policies on BYOB are about the same across most domestic airlines so this has nothing to do with Delta. However, it will be helpful to consider while planning to spend $8 for one of their mixed drinks rather than preparing it at home.

Non-Alcoholic Specialty Options Too

Most of the focus is usually on alcoholic beverages, however, Delta's beverage offering is even broader and more entertaining, yes, you can even buy such a drink on the flight too.

The latest drinks that customers could come across in such places include strawberry with ginger ale bubbles, basil lemonade, cherry sparkling lime, and so on. There are always 8 to 10 varieties on the menu while a couple of them may change with the season.

Well, if cocktails do not appeal to you but you wish to indulge a little more than if you stick to water or soft drinks, check out Delta's selection of seasonal niche alcohol-free offerings.

The BYO policy is limited to bringing your empty water bottle into the games.

Last but not least, the last piece of advice is to carry along an empty and refillable water bottle, that way you will be able to make the most of the free drinks offered by Delta. They are welcome to hold it for them with water, either before or after the serving of beverages.

This means that if you have your bottle, you get to drink water anytime you want with less strain of having to ask the crew for tiny cups each time. It also proves to be greatly beneficial for long-haul flights within which one would like to have water availability apart from the basic ones.

Of course, just make sure that your bottle is empty past the airport security checkpoints. Smart travelers always know all the tricks to claim free services and definitely should carry their bottle of water.

The Bottom Line

Is getting a drink on Delta free? Well, basic non-alcoholic beverages are always available free of charge in the coach class, at least in most airlines. Consumption of alcohol is not restricted to first class since liquor is readily available all through. However, that is not something that will entice main cabin flyers to anything more glamorous than a cup of coffee or tea without paying a fairly steep price under Delta's Buy on Board.

The only consolation I can tell them is that at times they do provide drink coupons and special offers to ensure that drinks are cheaper especially those containing alcohol. And of course, you can always carry an empty bottle on board to go and get your water from the tap for free!

As mentioned, not everything in the drink cart is offered for free, but Delta still does its best to serve all tiers of travelers. The best way to fully maximize the use of the in-flight beverage service is to follow the changes in prices often and grab a chance when the prices drop low occasionally. Still, if you are not planning on hitting the champagne in first or business, do not count on free spirits in coach unless you are ready to party for an impromptu birthday or wedding anniversary.

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