What is meant by hotel booking?

  • Jul 09, 2024
What is meant by hotel booking?

What is Hotel Booking?

Hotel booking means making a pre-arrival arrangement for receiving paid services of accommodations in a hotel. It often concerns choosing a desired hotel, a specific type of room or accommodation, the dates of stay and making a down payment for the booking.

The main ways of booking a hotel are outlined below The most common means of booking a hotel room include:

There are several ways travelers can book a hotel room today:There are several ways travelers can book a hotel room today:

1. Online Travel Agencies

Some of the most widely used websites are booking. com, Expedia. com, Hotels. com, and Priceline where people can search for, compare and make reservations for the hotel of their choice. It may provide promotions, coupons and membership cards that the travelers can order. There is always an option to select by location, dates, and price range, choose amenities or read other travelers’ comments to select a proper hotel. Payments can be made securely on these sites by debits/ credit cards or any other form of online payments.

2. Hotel Booking Apps

It is evident that many hotels have developed their own applications for mobile devices to enable on the go hotel bookings. These applications help you to book or modify your reservation at any time and also give you recommendations for tourist hotspots, travel, transport bookings, etc Some of the popular ones are MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, OYO, MMT Hotels, and etc The members of the loyalty program are even privileged to have mobile-only price cuts as well.

3. Direct Hotel Websites

Most hotel chains have their own websites for direct bookings, although OTAs account for a significant share of hotel sales. This enables the guests to have a glance at the rooms, pictures of the rooms, the amenities and even get to have a chance at getting special discount or special package, which are not available on other sites. Additionally, the absence of third-party commissions is also felt, which could bring the prices down by 5-10%. As for the rewards, customers can earn loyalty points and redeem them for free stays or room upgrades. However, the overall booking experience might not be as seamless and graphic as it is in the case of directly booking via the online agencies.

4. Over the Phone

For more individual attention or for extended periods of stay, it sometimes makes more sense to call the hotel directly at reservations. It is from these staff members that you can get answers to your questions about the property, get directions on special offers that might be out of the public domain that may be used to fill up the rooms. However, phone bookings tend to attract phone booking rate, other charges, and does not provide a view of the rooms as offered by online bookings.

5. On-site / Walk-in

Although this particular method has become rare in the present society, guests can still directly approach a hotel and get a room immediately, if there is vacancy. This enables guest to have the opportunity to see actual facilities, the type of rooms provided and even interact with actual staff without being forced to book. This booking mode is commonly used by those who book their accommodations at the last minute or those who are hitchhikers or backpackers. But it will be more expensive for walk-in guests, and they will have fewer options in terms of selecting a room.

Major advantages of early booking of hotels

Below are some of the major benefits that travelers can enjoy by booking rooms early:Below are some of the major benefits that travelers can enjoy by booking rooms early:

- Book hotel rooms at the best possible price - Because as time goes by, the number of rooms become limited and the price becomes higher especially during peak season or most visited tourist spots. This is because when you book a sports venue 4-6 months in advance you have more choices.

- The following are some tips to consider before embarking on a hotel booking; Hotel rooms are cheaper anytime before the month of check in. It is important to note that the early bookings have considerably lower rates and discounts which is 20-50 % lower than the rates offered to last minute bookings.

- Availability of rooms – This is especially true during the festive seasons, conferences, or major sporting events among others. Advance booking relieves the need to worry about the room’s availability for your visit.

- Bite the bullet – With rates agreed with the vendor in advance, you do not have to worry about increases or decreases in the future. This enables effective management of expenses likely to be incurred during the trip.

- Preferance of the type of room - For since each category of the rooms takes sometime to get sold out, then early booking allows you to have your choice of the room, whether it is a suite, connecting rooms, high floor, or any other preference you may have.

- Free cancellation – An important characteristic of many hotel rates today is that they allow free cancellation or changes up to 1-2 days before arrival. This would be useful if your schedule changes; you can always refer back to the course material.

- More privileges – get extra loyalty points & perks - This way you get the maximum points for free nights at the hotel or get points when it can really help at the hotel.

- Get firm-specific offers – After making reservations, it is possible to sign up to hotel’s mailing list and be informed of other offers or changes in packages that occurred before one’s trip.

Is Advance Booking Always An Advantage For The Customer?

Although advance booking has so many benefits as mentioned above, it does not necessary work for the best price always. At times, there may be last minute promotions, unsold stock or hurry for deals which may make them offer early booking rates.

For instance, if a sporting event or a business conference scheduled in the nearby city fails to take place as planned a week before your planned visit, hotels are likely to cut their prices in order to attract guests. Likewise, slowness or overly optimism in high occupancy seasons exposes deeper discounts on bookings within days to it.

Sophisticated tourists maintain tracking rates after a booking in order to consider a price drop guarantee or a cancellation provision. It helps to guarantee that you always book at one of the most affordable prices per your hotel accommodation.

Part II: How To Get The Best Hotel Accommodation

Follow these pro tips when looking to book hotel rooms get the best experience:Follow these pro tips when looking to book hotel rooms get the best experience:

- It is advisable to compare the prices offered by different platforms as hotels may offer the same services at different price levels.
- They should read reviews, check out photos of the rooms, and ensure they don’t get surprised by things like a lack of Wi-Fi.
- It is crucial to learn about the cancellation and refund policies prior to paying as they differ from one hotel to another.
- It is also important to note if breakfast, wifi or parking is inclusive in the overall price or if you have to pay extra for it before you base your decision on overall price.
- Even if the hotel offers you a reservation form which requires a few minutes to fill in, do not let this make you hurry – take your time and look for a better offer.
- Unlocked travel dates and search by price to find available rooms within the price range.
- Buy at hotels during their special promotions and use their loyalty cards in order to get a discount.
- Always pay with secure means and never transfer wires to people you have never met or transact with.

The fact that online booking portals provide a quick means of booking hotels, the details provided and the discounted rates make online booking the most common mode of booking a hotel today. Preparation using the above tips can also assist in finding the best offers and exceptional value within your hotel expenses. It is sometimes possible to walk in and get a table, but to be sure, a reservation a day or two beforehand is the way to go.

So, the next time you plan your vacation, don’t take a chance and end up disappointed-book your rooms in advancerather than risking it! To get good hotel for reasonable price, one need to spend some time on the research and tracking of rates.